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The paranoid Fia has no qualms with taking everyone with her in Deathloop. Her lair is situated deep in a nuclear power plant, and she’s not far from the reactor itself — if you cause one alert, it’s game over for Blackreef. Fia has her finger on the button, and she’ll trigger a meltdown in about one minute if there’s an alarm anywhere in her facility. If you’re caught on camera, you can say goodbye to living without massive doses of radiation in your body. Not that it matters to Fia, because she’ll just reset like everyone else.

If you’re not eager to die in agonizing radioactive pain, there’s a way to diffuse her plans before confronting her. You don’t even need (very much) stealth. The best way to stop Fia is to disable the nuclear meltdown manually. You’ll need to find a hidden blueprint and apply that knowledge to the reactor itself. Once you’ve disabled the meltdown switch, you can safely defeat Fia without any worry. No need for stealth when she’s got not ‘mutually assured destruction’ on her side.

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How To Kill Fia Without Causing A Meltdown | Didn’t See It Coming Guide

  • Didn’t See It Coming: Kill Fia without causing a deadly reaction.

To kill Fia without causing a nuclear meltdown, you need to either kill her stealthily, or disable the reactor so she can’t trigger the deadly reaction and kill everyone on the island. There are two options, but I recommend disabling the reactor first either way.

  • How To Disable The Reactor: The reactor can be set off at any time by Fia if she is alerted. To avoid that, you can skip her entirely and simply disarm the reactor. The method for disabling the reactor is (seemingly) randomized.
  • Go Fristad Rock (Noon) and find the cliffside door above the bunker entrance, following the area to the right from your starting point on the map. Once you get inside the Utility Room, find the blueprint with four color-coded wires.
  • Each wire has a corresponding number. Sneak into the Reactor Room and open the panel behind the reactor with the hacking device — there are four color-coded wires here. Cut the wires in the order shown on the blueprint. This will permanently disable the reactor.

Now, if Fia is alerted, she’ll be unable to trigger the reactor. This achievement / trophy will trigger even if you’re caught, so now all you have to do is find Fia in her room. She’ll also run out to the reactor if you’re spotted on camera. This makes luring her out in the open easier, too! Otherwise, you can just sneak into her room (hacking cameras, stealth killing guards) until you’ve taken her out without raising an alarm.

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