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As far as Visionaries go, Frank isn’t so bad in Deathloop. He’s a songwriter with plenty of talent — too bad he’s standing in your way, holed up in a club that’s practically impenetrable to outsiders. The only way to enter Frank’s domain is by issuing yourself something called a ClassPass. By sticking your arm into a device, all your Slab abilities are completely locked. You can still kill Frank, but you won’t be able to use your powerful Slab powers… or at least, it seems that way.

There is a way to unleash Slab powers in Frank’s club, but you’ll need to infiltrate his inner sanctum and use the second ClassPass device next to his bed. Once you’ve broken in and used the device, you can fight Frank with all your powers unlocked. If you’re aiming to unlock the achievement, you’ll need to unlock some combat abilities before even taking Frank on — and don’t forget to travel to Wenjie’s lab to unlock the infusion ability, or you won’t be able to keep any of those Slab abilities on future trips.

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How To Kill To Kill Frank With A Slab Ability | Power Chord Guide

  • Power Chord: Kill Frank using a Slab ability. Take a bow.

Using Slab abilities isn’t allowed when you enter the Ramblin’ Rock Club where Frank is bunkered. To get inside, you’ll need to equip a ClassPass that disables all Slab abilities. To make use of them, you need to sneak into Frank’s chamber. There’s a way to disable the ClassPass and use any abilities you want.

  • Go to Fristrad Rock (Morning) and enter the Ramblin’ Rock Club. Use the device to get inside — this is the only way inside. Once you’re in the club, go upstairs to his apartment and clear out all the guards. Go upstairs to the bedroom and you’ll find another ClassPass machine to the left of the bed.
  • Use it and you’ll be able to use Slab abilities again. Wipe out the guards and Frank will come out of his recording stuio where you can take him out. No stealth required.

Just make sure to unlock (and use) some combat Slab abilities to take him out. Havoc is always a solid choice, but literally any Slab ability that can score a kill while you’re under the influence will count and you’ll unlock this trophy / achievement.

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