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In Deathloop, your need to take out 8 Visionaries before the day resets. You can only visit 4 locations per day, and if you just travel to each Visionary, you’ll quickly learn that assassinating them all is impossible. It can’t be done if they’re all hiding in their lairs. The only way to get them all is to trick whoever you can into changing their schedules. And there are two characters you can lure to a giant party — perfect pickings for a deadly shindig. Aleksis’s party is to die for, and if you play your cards right, you can gather 3/8 targets to one singular location.

Suddenly Colt’s quest to kill all 8 Visionaries is starting to seem a lot more possible. Actually doing the deed and killing this trio isn’t easy. If they gang up on you, Colt won’t stand a chance. The party is packed with enemies, more than any other area in the game, and a drawn-out gunfight will only lead to a very dead Colt. We won’t get into the details on the actual deed. This is all about the complicated quest to bring 3 of your targets to one location. The rest is up to you.

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How To Make Wenjie Go To The Party | Walkthrough

Once you complete the “Afternoon Delight” Visionary Lead, you’ll be too busy hunting Fia & Charlie to go after Wenjie in the afternoon. You’ll have to find a new time to strike — and to do that, you’ll need to to find more information. This Visionary Lead requires Afternoon Delight first.

  • How To Begin “Afternoon Delight” Visionary Lead: Use the computer terminal in Charlie or Fia’s apartments deep in their lairs. Read both messages to learn they meet in a secret location.

Once you complete both “Space Invaders” and “Afternoon Delight“, you can begin looking for a new method to defeat Wenjie. This is the “What Wenjies Want” Visionary Lead — this one leads to a new method for taking out the Wenjies.

  • How To Begin “What Wenjies Want” Visionary Lead:
    • Inside Bunker 9 / Pumping Station, find the note called “Aesthetics Are Key” to get the code to Wenjie’s Office. The Bunker 9 entrance is located in Fristad Rock and can be unlocked at any time. Go to the main entrance to Fia’s Lair (Fractured Image) and then go right along the rocky shoreline path. You’ll find a bunker here. The note is on the counter.
    • You may also need an additional piece of knowledge. Go to Aleksis’s Party in Updaam (Evening) and enter his apartment. Its in the center of Dorsey Manor, to the right of the comedy stage at the top floor. Use his computer and read all the e-mails to discover that Wenjie has refused to go to the party.

Once you have the code to Wenjie’s Room, go to the Complex (Afternoon) and enter the Lab Annex. That’s the large building to the right of the silo. Inside, read all the notes on the computer, the note on the white board, and the audio log. We need to convince Wenjie to go to Aleksis’s party, and the only way to do that is with 2-Bit.

  • How To Get A Better Party Invite:
    • Go to 2-Bit on the third floor of Charlie’s mansion in Updaam (Noon). He’s in the control center area — hack one of the two doors and talk to the machine. It remembers every loop!
    • Next, go to the Library in the center of Updaam (Noon) to retrieve the present. After talking to 2-Bit, bring the doll inside the present for a voice clip. You can talk to 2-Bit and request the building be evacuated to make this step much easier. The doll won’t stop talking, so it will alert any nearby enemies!
    • When you return the doll, select “Give Wenjie what she wants.”

Making this choice will unlock the “An Offer She Can’t Refuse” trophy / achievement — now one of the Wenjie will always appear at Aleksis’s party in Updaam (Evening).

How To Make Egor Go To The Party | Walkthrough

Visit Egor in The Complex (Evening) and read through his notes in his lab area to begin the “Lost In Transmission” Visionary Lead. He’ll shoot you on-sight with a rifle and disappear, so use stealth or just take care of him before exploring. Inside his lab, read his notes in his bedroom, read all messages on his computer, and read the note on the whiteboard on the first floor.

You’ll learn the Egor successfully was able to communicate with the future using his devices. Return to The Complex (Morning, Noon, or Afternoon) to sabotage the device and ruin his experiment. You can do this at any of the three time periods.

  • Ruining Egor’s Experiment:
    • In The Complex, you’ll exit the tunnels to Array Y. Down at the bottom of the sloped area, you’ll find a strange invisible computer. If you’re following the Visionary Lead, it will be marked on your map.
    • To reveal it, you need to find a Nullifier. These are briefcase-shaped devices that nullify Slab abilities. Placing one near the invisible computer will reveal it.
    • You can find Field Nullifiers by ordering one from a Delivery Booth, or by setting off a sensor in the LPP / Power Station. The Power Station is open in the Morning.

Once you place the Nullifer, the computer will appear. Now you can input the code for the Listening Device that successfully heard a message. You can look in your notes or check your Visionary Lead under “Silence Egor’s Device” — my code was C 5 1 3.

Once the device is shutdown, Egor will always go to the party. Unlike Wenjie, you’ll have to redo this step during each loop to make sure he goes.

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