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A game of spies is being played in Deathloop, and you might never realize it. If you hack any radio in the morning and listen carefully, you can hear a series of cryptic numbers and letters. What does it all mean? You’ll have to discover the secret spy bunker in Fristad Rock to even get started on this complicated secret. Even if you haven’t heard the strange transmission, you might’ve found locked doors in three different locations with absolutely no idea how to open them. If you’re sick of being stuck on the outside, this is how you can play the great game and master a little spycraft.

This Easter egg quest isn’t just an awesome puzzle, it can give you huge rewards — the spy bunker has a complicated locking mechanism. Once you gain all three codes, you can unlock the Spy Archives which are packed with hidden information. The info inside explains more about the plot of the game, what is going on with Colt, and plenty of codes you can use to open doors or disable security. These spies have done their digging so you don’t have to. Reap the benefits by solving one of the most complex puzzles in the game. Or any game, really.

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How To Unlock The Mystery Lock In Fristad Rock | Puzzle Solution Guide

Get the three letter & number codes by hacking any radio in the morning. Turn on subtitles to see what the code is much easier. There are three sets of numbers — a Letter-Number combo, and a number. The Letter-Number combo denote a location on the map. These locations are always the same and don’t change. These are secret spy room locations.

There is always a number following the Letter-Number location code. This number DOES NOT CHANGE every cycle. It is random for your game, but it will always be the same for each cycle. This code denotes how many times you need to press the buzzer to open the door. Write down these codes!

  • EXAMPLE: If on the radio, you get the code M13 14 — “M13” refers to the spy post in Karl’s Bay. “14” is how many times you need to press the doorbell.

NOTE: Make sure to press the button QUICKLY. Don’t wait between presses. Rapidly press the doorbell and it will open. You can’t fail so try again if it doesn’t work.

  • Spy Post Locations:
  • R33: Fristad Rock – Find the bunker near the tunnel entrance. Its on the shore to the left as you exit the tunnels — there’s a bunker that’s been boarded up. Look to the left of the door for a cave path inside. This is the first spy post you can enter, and contains the three lock code. [Example: My code was 0E0.]
  • M13: Karl’s Bay – The area is behind the giant monster BBQ (Treasure of Ice), the first red building to the left of Harriet’s Hangars on your map. [Example: My code was 0E1.]
  • H26: Updaam (Morning) – Enter the apartment hallway to the left of Otto’s Workshop. After Otto’s burns down, you won’t be able to access this area. The door is upstairs. [Example: My code was 7B5.]

Check the radio in the morning, get the number (doorbell code) following each location code, go to each location before the end of the day to get all three pieces of the Fristad Rock bunker lock.

You number-letter-number codes you find DO NOT CHANGE after each loop. These codes stay the same, so you can get them in any order or on any loop. When you have all three, return to the Fristad Rock bunker and input them.

  • The Archive is full of useful information:
    • Delivery Booth code and locations
    • How to disable Fia’s reactor (what order to cut the wires)
    • Hangar 2 maintenance door code for easy access to Harriet’s lair
    • Security Code for the Ramblin Rock Club. Disables Classpass doors.
    • Bring a crank to unlock the safe. Contains a pair of high tier pistols.
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