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Located in a secret alcove, a mysterious gas-filled chamber appears in a dark corner of Deathloop. Stumbling into this chamber at the wrong time spells instant death — you can escape by solving a puzzle, but if you want to get inside, you’ll have to subvert the entire trap. For curious players that desperately want to know what’s up with this weird secret (that also reveals some important lore) we’ve got the solution. This is how you can escape the Retirement Chamber, and how to get inside the control room.

This isn’t the only mysterious hidden location in Deathloop. You can find puzzles in secret caverns, strange apartment locks, and underground spy lairs. These are some of the most compelling secrets in Deathloop — there’s no guided explanation to help you solve these puzzles. You’ll have to read notes, listen to messages, and search for clues with almost no in-game help. None of these secrets give you new big guns, but they do offer unique hidden lore and some repeatable rewards. If you want to see everything in Blackreef. you absolutely much check these locations out.

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How To Escape The Retirement Chamber | Gas Trap Puzzle Guide

In Fristad Rock (Afternoon), you can access a secret chamber underneath Frank’s Club. To reach it, go to Frank’s Club rooftop, then drop down the rocks on the back wall. You can also reach this area by using Shift on the ice over the water, to the left as you enter the backdoor to Fia’s Bunker.

The bunker consists of a strange clean room with a chair in the center and a control room. An Eternalist is manning the sealed control room, and uses it to try to kill Colt. When you’re locked inside the Retirement Chamber, gas will begin flooding the room. There are two ways to solve this puzzle — and stop yourself from dying. If you do die, there’s no way to recover your Residuum.

  • Puzzle Method: Inside the gas chamber, go up to the door and look through the window. There’s a whiteboard on the other side — remembers the two numbers on the board. (Ex: My two numbers were 122 and 222.)
    • Go under the stairs and break the boards. There are many switches here — flip the two switches with the numbers written on the white board. Flip just these two switches.
    • Go back up the stairs and hack the box to unlock it. Then press the big red button to drain the poison.

Solving the puzzle only lowers the gas. It doesn’t unlock the door and let you access the control room. To actually get inside, you need to get a Crank. Getting a crank bypasses the entire puzzle, so you can get inside the control room without having to complete the puzzle.

  • Crank Method: Go to the Delivery Booth earlier in the day and send a Crank to Fristad Rock (Afternoon). Use the crank on the red pipes in the hallway leading into the Retirement Chamber. This cuts off the gas completely.

Once you stop the gas, the man in the booth will kill himself, allowing you to explore the control room. Inside, you’ll find a note revealing what this room was used for. Colt, the Chief of Security and one of the Visionaries, used this room to quietly eliminate anyone that opposed Aeon’s vision for the eternal cycle. He disappeared many people in this room, and not every Eternalist believes in Aeon’s vision.

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