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You won’t find just any regular enemy carrying some of the coolest guns in Deathloop. Everything in Deathloop has a tier, and top-level gold (or yellow, whatever you prefer) legendary gear is the rarest of the rare. There’s no way to get exotic / unique guns through random chance. You can only get these weapons by completing special hidden side-quests. You won’t stumble into these side-jobs on your own. You have to purposefully visit areas you really have no reason to visit.

And some of them are incredibly cool. If you’re hungry to wield a proper shotgun, or pop head with a semi-auto sniper rifle, this is where and how to get them. In some instances, it’s actually a very difficult challenge. The Heritage Gun in particular could take hours off your life. Getting it requires completing multiple mini-challenges, all without messing up once. Whatever the case, we’ll explain and offer some tips to make life easier.

There might be more unique guns to get in Deathloop. We’ll continue to update this article with more as they’re discovered.

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Constancy Automatic | How To Unlock

The Constancy Automatic is a two-handed SMG with a large magazine. Its special feature is that it can keep shooting indefinitely — you can reload while you’re still shooting! It is a pure upgrade over the LIMP-10.

  • How To Get: Carried by Frank in Fristad Rock (Noon). Very simple. Just kill him to collect this unique gun.
    • A unique one-handed gun that lets you fire your gun while you’re reloading.

Sepulchra Breteira | How To Unlock

A very powerful scoped sniper rifle. It has deadly accuracy and a standard three capacity magazine, so you can quickly fire three shots in a row. It is very stable, and has alternating zoom for longshots. The best pure sniper rifle in the game.

  • How To Get: Found in Updaam (Afternoon) — when you enter, an Eternalist will call you out and offer a present outside Dorsey Manor.
    • Don’t open the present. If you’re exploring Updaam (Morning / Noon) you can find the sniper’s apartment. It’s to the right of the CANDY Bar near the entrance tunnel. Go upstairs to find their sniper positons.
  • On Updaam (Afternoon), there are two / three snipers on the rooftops and one sniper indoors. They’ll kill you if you attempt to open the present.

Ignore the present, and go upstairs to the apartment overlooking Dorsey Square. It’s a second-story apartment. The Eternalist in the window is carrying this powerful sniper rifle.

Heritage Gun | How To Unlock

The Heritage Gun is a unique Shotgun that can switch ammo types — you can fire buckshot spread or slugs for accuracy. Getting it is very difficult, so make sure to save up plenty of Residuum so you never have to do this quest a second time.

  • How To Get: Go to Karl’s Bay (Evening) and enter the ‘Fathoms of Lament’ game. It’s a large building you’ll encounter right before Harriet’s Hangars. It only opens in the evening.
    • Inside, you’ll find the gun case and a map with different areas marked on the map. Go to these areas and open the presents. Open all the presents marked on the map to unlock the gun.
    • The presents you need to open are marked with a blinking light.

The presents are cardboard boxes with a mine on top. They’ll explode a moment after opening them. Use Shift or back away to quickly escape before the explosion goes off. If you’re lucky, you may also get a Trinket reward.

  • The presents are randomly placed. Some involve difficult challenges — they might be surrounded by turrets or enemies. Don’t set them off with guns! You need to open them.

Dawn of Reason Bar: In the “Dawn of Reason” you need to find a code for the door. The code is randomly generated, and using the switch gives you a 3 minutes timer. To get the code, look around the room for white graffiti with red marks. The red marks on the circle denote the number, and the red checks denote which number it is.

  • Often the graffiti is obscured, so you’ll have to make your best guess to figure out which number it is. You can make unlimited guesses in the 3 minutes.
  • For me, the code is 7-6-2-1. If you find 3 numbers, just guess the final number.

Hangar 2: Another will always appear in Hangar 2. Here, you need to press all the switches before the 30 second timer runs out. There are 6 levers you need to pull.

  • The order is always the same, and you have unlimited tries.
  • Enter Harriet’s room and hit the switch in the cockpit to lower the gas if you’re worried about dying.

Final Obstacle Course: After collecting all the presents, the back door in Fathoms of Lament will unlock. Hit the switch at the start of the obstacle course, then run through it, flipping the ticking switches along the way without setting off any alarms.

  • Again, you have unlimited attempts. You have 45 seconds, and a Nullifier field makes this much more difficult.
  • Break the wooden barrier to the left of the first switch and hack the Nullifier to remove the bubble, making this challenge much easier.
  • Now you can use Shift to get through the lasers and move around much, much faster. Memorize the order, use shortcuts with shift, and you’ll complete the final challenge.

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