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Delivery Booths are optional devices you can use to stock up while exploring Blackreef Island in Deathloop — and if you want to plan your next big hit, it really helps to have these Delivery Booths unlocked. All Delivery Booths share the same code, but you’ll have to find it first. And you might play through the entire game without ever finding this code, or even realizing you can use these Delivery Booths. We’ll show the exact location of the code, so you’ll be able to unlock and use Delivery Booths freely once you check out the code location below.

In Deathloop, you’re trapped in an infinite cycle of violence with violent weirdos called the Eternalists. These people have purposefully stuck themselves in an endless loop, where they relive the same “first” day over and over again. After each day passes, the world is reset and everyone forgets. The cycle is controlled by eight Visionaries, the leaders of the AEON Project, and you have to take them down if you want to escape. Breaking the cycle is your only option, and taking out each Visionary member is going to be tricky without the right tools for the job.

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How To Unlock Delivery Booths

To unlock Delivery Booths, you need to find a specific code. The code is randomized so it will be different for each player — the location where the code is found is always the same. Find the code and it will work to unlock every Delivery Booth in Deathloop.

  • Where To Find The Delivery Booth Code: The code is located in Fristad Rock (Noon) and travel to Fia’s Bunker past the Transmission Post. Go through the right door from the start of the map, then up the hill past the shipping container, past the Transmission Post, and down into the large bunker entrance below.
    • Entering the bunker, called Fractured Image, look right through the glass from the first room, just past the opening. Break the glass and look on the opposite wall. Near the bottom-left edge of the blueprint on the whiteboard, you’ll be able to spot the code. Its located left of the booth.

You have to manually input the code for your first use, but the code will save permanently if you get it right. Make sure to take a mental note of the code — Delivery Booths are located on all four maps, and they can be used to spawn very useful items you can’t normally find.

  • Delivery Booths Can Spawn:
    • A Battery
    • A Crank-Wheel
    • A Nullifier
    • A Turret

Some of these tools can be very, very handy when plotting an assassination. The Nullifier Device disables Slab abilities — even Visionary abilities. Turrets can be hacked so they’re on your side. Batteries and Crank-Wheels are specifically used to unlock different avenues, so having easy access can make your life so much easier.

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