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There’s one Trophy / Steam Achievement in Deathloop that forces you to jump into battle with nothing in your loadout. No guns, no trinkets, and absolutely no Slab powers. That’s going to make your fight a whole lot more difficult — just surviving against the throngs of killer Eternalists is hard enough, but taking on souped-up Visionaries is the real challenge. The goal of this trophy is to enter a map, assassinate all the Visionaries present, and escape.

And there’s one easy way to make that happen. You don’t have to kill anyone else, and you don’t have to worry about scavenging good weapons. This trophy sounds hardcore, but it really isn’t — you can set off alarms, kill whoever you want, and grab whatever you want in the map itself. You just have to enter the map with nothing. And you can leave with nothing if you use our super simple trophy completion method.

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The G.O.D. of O.S.P. | Trophy Guide

To complete this trophy / achievement, you need to kill a Visionary on the map without taking anything with you in your Loadout.

  • Make sure you access your Loadouts and remove everything you can. No guns, no personal trinkets, and no Slab powers.

REQUIREMENT: Before you can begin, complete the “Afternoon Delight” Visionary Lead. Start this lead by reading the e-mails on the terminal in either Fia or Charlie’s private quarters.

Once you complete “Afternoon Delight“, both Fia and Charlie will appear in Fristad Rock (Afternoon). They’re the easiest targets to get for this trophy / achievement.

  • O.S.P. | On-Site Procurement Guide
    • Remove everything from your Loadout. You should have no Slabs (except your default), no Guns, and no Personal Trinkets.
    • Go to Fristrad Rock (Afternoon) and head toward Charlie & Fia’s hidden meeting spot in the Pumping Station.
    • Use the code you’ll earn by completing “Afternoon Delight” Visionary Lead.
    • Sneak to the top of the Pumping Station. On the right side, there’s a switch. Activate it to begin the flooding process.
    • Run to the left side and hack the door to escape. Climb out and exit the map.

NOTE: If you start a new day, make sure to REMOVE the LIMP-10 from your loadout. It automatically gets added at the start of each new day.

That’s it! You aren’t penalized if you pick-up weapons or if you kill Elementalists. You can get caught and still complete this challenge. If you’re lucky, you can also unlock “Violent Delights” while completing this achievement. It popped for me!

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