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Blackreef Island, the setting of Deathloop, is full of mysteries. One of those mysteries is hidden under Dorsey Manor in Updaam, and it can be accessed at any time of day. By entering an easy-to-miss cave, you can find a complex puzzle. There’s a map, three triangle diagrams, and six locations. With this information, you’ll have to solve three keycode combinations — one isn’t enough, this special safe requires three codes to unlock.

There is no trophy or achievement dedicated to this secret. Its almost an Easter egg — it definitely is similar to the Easter egg quests in Call of Duty: Zombies. Finishing this side-quest gives you easy access to a daily treasure reward so you can do a little consequence-free farming. The chest contains a Residuum reward you can recollect as often as you want, and once you solve the code, it will be saved permanently in your knowledge menu.

Just remember, the numbers for this code (and the numbers on the walls) are randomly generated. The locations are always the same, but the numbers will be different. We can’t just give you a solution. You’ll have to travel to the locations listed below. We have provided text locations and screenshots to help you find your way.

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Dorsey Square Secret Safe | Puzzle Solution Guide

Underneath Dorsey Manor, drop down to the cave entrance to the left of the main entrance — near Otto’s Workshop. The cave leads to a map with locations marked. There’s a safe, and three scrawled triangles above the safe. These are all clues, and if you can put them together, you’ll be able to open the safe and claim a valuable reward.

NOTE: Recommended you complete this side-quest in Updaam (Morning). Some numbers (like Charlie’s) can be viewed at other times of the day. Get the codes at the locations below — if the codes don’t work for you, just input the three numbers in different orders until it works.

To unlock the safe, you need to visit the six locations and find numbers written in black. Go to the locations marked on the map. Each set of locations corresponds to a code. There are three codes you can form with six locations — the triangles above the safe correspond to linked locations on the map that form the codes.

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