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The developers of the upcoming action FPS Deathloop recently held an AMA where they answered various questions related to the game’s gameplay features. We learned several things about the title and its characters, and one of the main things we learned about the game is how the save system is going to work.

In response to the question about how saving will work, the response was, “There is only one save. Having more than one is not really useful in our one-day loop context. If you want to try something different, just do it another day… The player cannot save during a mission (no save scumming then) because of the multiplayer component and also, because dying is part of the experience. We do not want the players to avoid or to miss what is an essential part of Deathloop DNA. But we didn’t leave players with empty hands. Colt has a special ability; Reprise that allow him to escape death (somehow).”

The developers added, “About the save system, what happens if you quit mid-mission? As we have no save during the mission, if you quit during a mission, you lose what you did during that mission (loot, knowledge, quest activation/success/failure…). Then next time you choose to protect the loop, we will automatically resume the game at the beginning of that mission.”

Deathloop’s whole deal is that the player character will die, and will have to restart the loop in order to experience everything the game has to offer. So it makes sense, to a certain degree, that you’ll only have one save and you can’t save while you’re in the middle of a mission. After all, if you die on the mission, you have the chance to try again, so in a sense, you’re already save scumming.

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