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Deathloop just launched into the marketplace, and it was one of the more anticipated FPS games. We recently did a Before You Buy episode of the game, which you can view in the video embedded above. While players are just now getting their hands on the game, we’re seeing some reports of stuttering issues on the PC. It’s expected that some problems would be popping up for the developers to take care of after launch. Although, the stuttering issue seems to be something that many PC players are having a problem with.

Bethesda Softworks recently commented on the stuttering issue through a Reddit post. A community manager did note that they are aware of the PC problem and are making the fix a high priority. Unfortunately, we don’t have any more information than that, and hopefully, this issue will be resolved quickly. Although, there are players already assuming that this stuttering issue is the result of DRM. We have seen this problem pop up in the past, but we don’t have any confirmation on if this is the root of the stuttering.

If you don’t recall, there was a stuttering issue with Resident Evil Village that was recently fixed. It was uncovered that Denuvo DRM was the root cause of the problem for that particular game. Fans have been questioning why developers continue using Denuvo to cause a hit to the gameplay performance. For now, it’s uncertain just what the solution will end up being.

For instance, Deathloop just released, and it’s not likely something we’ll see drop DRM support. Instead, we’re probably going to see a patch update shortly to optimize the game further. In the meantime, players can still pick the game up on the PC and PlayStation 5 platform. Again, I suggest checking out our Before You Buy coverage above if you’re on the fence about picking this game up. Additionally, we offer some gameplay footage along with our initial impressions.


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