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Deathloop Required The Latest-Generation of Hardware – Gameranx


There is plenty of big video game titles coming out that are skipping the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. It’s a bit of a hit for plenty of fans since the latest video game console platforms are difficult to find. Despite the consoles being scarce, some games require the latest hardware. To create their ambitious project, Arkane required the latest-generation console power.

The director behind Deathloop, Dinga Bakaba, spoke with the Play Magazine publication. During the conversation, the director noted that Arkane wouldn’t have been able to preserve the level of ambition for Deathloop if it wasn’t moved to the latest generation hardware. But, again, that is a double-edged sword here. On the one hand, we are going to have a new exciting next-generation video game console release. However, on the other hand, we have a game released for a console platform most fans are still having a problem obtaining.

Deathloop, unfortunately, will initially only be available on the PC and PlayStation 5 platform. The latter of which should hopefully find a bit of a resurgence in your local retailers. Sony noted that it has obtained enough semiconductors to release 12 million more units this fiscal year. Hopefully, those units land into the hands of actual consumers that are wanting to enjoy the console. After all, we’re nearing the holiday season soon, and with it comes a slew of resellers looking to flip hot ticket items for a profit.

Regardless, Deathloop should hopefully be a big hit with as much hype building up around it. Again, this game is exclusive right now to the PlayStation 5 console platform and PC. However, Arkane is now under the Xbox umbrella after Microsoft acquired ZeniMax Media. Despite being an Xbox studio now, Microsoft allows Deathloop to retain its timed exclusivity deal with Sony. Players will be able to pick up Deathloop this September 14, 2021.


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