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Deathloop drops you into a world that constantly repeats — but each cycle has more variation than you might think. Guns wielded by enemies are totally randomly generated. The more Visionaries you kill, the more unstable the cycle becomes, spawning more powerful trinkets and weapons. Everything that spawns is completely randomized, but there are guns that always drop every single time.

These are special Epic Tier (Purple) guns you can find in the environment, or carried by enemies that ALWAYS carry them. Some of these guns have one-time-only special traits — like unlimited ammo on successful hits, poison gas bullets, a suppressor, and much more. These are some of the best guns we’ve encountered, and finding them can be very tricky. Certain guns will only spawn under very specific circumstances. You might need to stop Otto’s Workshop from burning down. Or unlock hidden spy network safe houses with door knock codes.

These are some of our favorite hard-to-find guns in Deathloop: where to find them, and what exactly makes them so special.

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Best Epic Tier Weapons | Gun Locations Guide

  • Suppressed LIMP-10: Found in The Complex, inside Egor’s Lab. Can be collected at any time. Go up to his personal room at the top of his lab (Nexus through the window) and collect it in the corner of the room.
    • Suppressor: Weapon is much quieter. Its really underselling this gun. Its totally silent. Enemies will only react to impacts, not to firing.
  • Gold Rapier: Found in Updaam (Afternoon). Given as a reward for completing Charlie’s Moxie game on the right side of the map, near the lower cliff’s edge. It is only open in the afternoon.
    • Complete all three floors of the obstacle course under the time limit to win. Hack the machinery in the utility room to the left of the gameroom to make the game significantly easier — the utility room is only open in Updaam (Morning).
    • The Gold Rapier has unlimited ammo as long as your bullets hit their targets.
  • Gold Fourpounder: Found in Otto’s Workshop, but only if you’ve saved the shop from burning down by cutting the power to the fireworks machine in Updaam (Morning). Return later, and this gun is on the counter.
    • Deals bonus damage to tagged enemies.
  • Gold MG-1 ‘Pepper Mill’: Found in Karl’s Bay (Afternoon). Go to the coast to the right of the tunnels at the start, and drop down onto the water. It is snowing at this time of day, and there are patches of ice you can cross to reach a crashed plane. In a crate, you’ll find this special gun.
    • Deals bonus damage to tagged enemies.
  • Egor’s Rapier: Carried by Egor in The Complex (Evening).
    • Eagle Eye: Enhanced zoom when aiming down sights.
  • Charlie’s Strelok 50-50: Carried by Charlie in Updaam (Afternoon).
    • Snare: Powerful shotgun with pellets that slow enemies on contact.
  • Fia’s MG-1 ‘Pepper Mill’: Carried by Fia in Fristad Rock (Noon).
    • Open Wounds: Shot enemies take damage over time.
  • Aleksis’s LIMP-10 x2: Carried by Aleksis in Updaam (Evening).
    • Vampire: Recover health when damaging enemies.
  • Harriet’s Fourpounder: Carried by Harriet in Karl’s Bay (Morning).
    • Toxic Haze: Each shot leaves behind a cloud of poisonous gas.
  • “BLAM!” Fourpounder: Found in Harriet’s Lair in Karl’s Bay. It’s in her room, under her bedroom pillow.
    • Focus Fire: Shots are delayed but deal high damage.
  • Choke Vopat Trencher: Found in Bunker 9 / Pumping Station, the hidden area where Fia and Charlie meet in Fristad Rock (Afternoon). The gun is to the left of the water pump control switch.
    • Choke: Shotgun pellets have a reduced spread.
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