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Deathloop is one of the best games of the year. That’s without question — this is a game that gives you the tools to play how you want through infinite loops, but makes progression feel real. As Colt Vahn, you must break an endless cycle by assassinating eight Visionaries. After 24 hours, time resets and you’re dumped back on the beach where you started. Its up to you to solve the mystery of the cycle, slowly becoming more powerful so you can fight back and figure out a way to kill all eight targets in the same day.

And because the day loops back to the beginning infinitely, you’re given plenty of opportunities to explore, experiment, or just do whatever you want on this island. There are four main locations, with four times of day, and each time-of-day changing everything about an area. You can find carnival mini-games, strange secrets, or plot important developments just through exploration, and we want to cover as much as possible about this extremely fun stealth-shooter.

Below, you’ll find all the guides we’ve written (so far) for Deathloop all in one place.

Beginner Tips & Tricks

Guides to get you started. Early game tricks and weird mechanics you might miss.

Unique Guns, Epic Guns & Slabs

All about getting the best guns and slab upgrades.

Walkthroughs | Step-by-Step Story Progression

Want to break the loop? Here’s how.

Unique Assassination Methods

Every assassination target has a special method for taking them out.

Achievement & Trophy Guides

The weird achievements / trophies that are hardest to unlock — without a little help.

Secrets & Hidden Side-Quests

Blackreef Island is full of strange secret puzzles. Here’s how to solve them.

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