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Now that Deathloop has officially launched, the next order of business for lots of gamers will be to try and get the PlayStation trophies that the game offers. According to new reports, this shouldn’t be too difficult — in fact, it’s going to be a relatively pain-free experience that should only take about 15-20 hours. Needless to say, there will probably be mild spoilers for Deathloop in this article, so be aware of that before you proceed.

The report comes from PowerPyx, which explains each of the trophies in detail and how to obtain them. According to their guide, “The story will take you about 10 hours to complete, while the platinum will take around 20 hours.” The guide breaks down how to obtain each trophy, and adds that “During the story you will already get about half the trophies without even trying… “ So the first thing they recommend is to play through the story.

Since the purpose of the game is to replay a time loop, it’s probably not a surprise that every trophy can be obtained in a single save file if you keep replaying the loop. Anything you don’t get in the course of the story can be obtained by going back through the loop again. PowerPyx adds, “The miscellaneous trophies are much easier once you’ve finished the game so there’s no need to worry about any trophies in particular during this.”

Deathloop’s time travel mechanics have received generally favorable responses from gamers. Out of all the trophies that can be obtained, there are one or two that might present a challenge, such as those which require the player to partake of an online mode against another player (who could be playing as Julianna or Colt), but those can be obtained with the help of a friend. PowerPyx describes it thus: “The difficulty is quite easy and thanks to your supernatural powers the AI doesn’t stand a chance.”


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