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The Ceramic Manor is the very first true dungeon your little reaper will have to explore in Death’s Door. Like in Legend of Zelda, this is a sprawling location full of enemies, puzzles, and minibosses to defeat. To complete the dungeon, you’ll need to collect “Free Souls” — the souls of lost reapers trapped inside the dungeon. Finding these souls energizes the Ancient Portal, which gives you access to a new upgrade in the Hall of Doors.

Not everything is obvious in the Ceramic Manor. There are enemies hiding in vases, multiple paths to explore, and tons of little secrets you can miss. We’ll also explain where to get all the Life Seeds and Masses of Soul Energy. Life Seeds are healing items you can plant in Green Pots that create a permanent healing spot you can return to each run — very useful, especially for areas you’ll be returning to often. Mass of Soul Energy are kind of like currency, you can spend it at Reaper HQ to upgrade your stats. And you’re going to want to upgrade as much as possible.

Get one step closer to the first Great Soul in Death’s Door. Here’s how to complete the Ceramic Manor dungeon and get the Flame Spell.

Ceramic Manor Walkthrough

At the first door, you’ll find a unique new vase — you need to break both vases to unlock the door. Ahead, you’ll reach the Reaper HQ portal.

  • Life Seed: At the top of the main hall of Ceramic Manor.

The main hall is full of locked doors. There’s only one open door on the second floor. There is a strange door in the center — this is the Soul Door. To unlock it, you need to find all the [Free Souls] in the area. There are four [Free Souls] you must find and release to unlock the Soul Door and unlock a new magic ability.

First Free Soul

Go inside the fireplace room, and attack the vase in the upper-right corner. Unlike the other vases, this one is an enemy! Defeat it to lower the gate.

In the second hallway, attack the green vase. That’s a hidden enemy this time! In the third room on this path, you’ll find a [Key] and you can find a [Life Seed] on the high shelves.

  • Life Seed: Early in the Ceramic Manor, after clearing the hallway past the fireplace. In the room with the key, find this on the shelf in the lower corner.

To get the [Key], start by climbing onto the shelves in the room and shoot an arrow through the fire to light the urn. Climb up to the urn, and shoot an arrow through to hit the second urn in the upper corner. Now you can collect the Key and move on.

Next, travel upstairs using the long ladder. At the top, you need to break four urns.

  • Urn 1: To the left of the fireplace.
  • Urn 2: Up the stairs, under the bridge.
  • Urn 3: At the top of the stairs, at the end of the long balcony.
  • Urn 4: Drop down from the high balcony onto the table. Shoot the final urn with an arrow on the other table.

Ahead, use the fire to burn through the cobwebs. The next room has a series of braziers you need to light to finally burn the cobwebs — the real challenge comes after this.

Miniboss: A strange mouth-shield enemy attacks in the room past the second cobweb gate. To destroy it, dodge when it slams both shields down, then attack the shields until they break, leaving it temporarily stunned and vulnerable. Only the tongue is vulnerable.

When you breaks its shields, it will change its attack pattern. Watch out for its ground punch, bites, and energy projectile. You can shoot the green projectile back at it to deal bonus damage. Once you defeat it, you can collect the [Free Soul].

Collecting the [Free Soul] will partially open the boss door. Backtrack and you’ll encounter the Urn Witch herself! Attack her, and go through the opening where the grates used to be to return to the Main Hall.

Second Free Soul / Second Floor Key Door

Back in the main hall, enter the Yellow Key Door. Inside, there are five enemies you need to defeat — smash every vase in the room, and grab the [Life Seed] from the high shelves while you’re there.

Past the combat room, you’ll find the [Second Key]. Simply light all the urns in the room to get it. Not tricks here. Climb the ladder and smash the crates at the top to find another [Life Seed].

In the hallway, go into the bedroom and break all the magic urns. You’ll need to stand on the bed and climb up onto the high shelf to shoot the urn on the cabinet. Down below, watch out for the explosive vases and defeat all the enemies until you reach a second miniboss room on the other side.

Miniboss: The second fight is identical to the first, but lowly enemies spawn while you fight it. Take your time to dodge and destroy them while the miniboss is shielding itself, then you can give yourself a good moment to break through its shields. Using the bow to soften up the regular enemies helps too — then you can defeat them faster with a combo and move on to dealing with the boss.

Collect the [Free Soul] after clearing the miniboss. The shortcut back to the Main Hall is located in the Dance Hall down the hallway from the bedroom. Use the switch, and grab the [Life Seed]!

Third Free Soul / Dance Hall

In the Dance Hall down the hallway from the bedroom, talk to the giant vase to begin a miniboss battle. Retreat when it spins and use combos when it pauses after its attack. It has a huge reach on its spin attack, so dodge out of the path and wait for it to finish. Destroy it and you’ll be able to climb up.

Up top, break both magic urns to unlock the urn door. Walk on the rafters to find them.

  • Mass Of Soul Energy: In the rafters above the Dance Hall, attack the chandelier to break it. Drop down and collect the soul energy stuck inside!

Explore the rafters further to find a [Life Seed] and a collectible.

  • Old Engagement Ring: Found at the end of the rafters path above the Dance Hall.

In the attic, light a path of braziers until you can burn through the webs blocking the ladder at the top. There’s also a secret reward if you light all the braziers in the room.

  • Mass of Soul Energy: Light all the braziers in the attic to make a ladder spawn leading to this hidden room.

At the top of the attic ladder, you’ll find a [Free Soul]. No miniboss required here.

Fourth Free Soul / Third Floor Key Door

Go up to the third floor in the Main Hall and let’s finally use that key. This is another magic urn puzzle room.

  • Urn 1: On the high shelf near the right staircase.
  • Urn 2: On the middle shelf of the left staircase. Drop down onto the center to reach it with your bow.
  • Urn 3: On the high shelf at the top of the room.
  • Urn 4: On the ground floor of the upper half of the room. Can’t miss it.

There’s also a secret Mass of Soul Energy here!

  • Mass of Soul Energy: When dropping down onto the lower shelf to hit Urn 2, you can walk under the top shelf to find a hidden item around the bend. Don’t miss the [Life Seed] on the back-right shelf near the stairs.

Ahead, you’ll enter a new [Key] puzzle room. You only need to light the one urn next to the fire — use the fire to burn through the cobwebs, and stand under the white tablecloth “bridge” in the center of the room to shoot up at the fire to hit the urn. The shot is slightly tricky to line up, so try it a few times. Lighting the urn will lower the Key and allow you to grab it.

Follow the cobweb path to reach the room exit. There’s a Green Pot here. You may want to heal before the miniboss.

Miniboss: Another identical miniboss, but this time wizards spawn with him. They’ll never stop — its easier to manage them by attacking or hitting them with a bow arrow to stun them. Their magic projectiles can also be deflected with a melee attack.

Complete the fight to gain the last [Free Soul]. Now you can return to the Main Hall and unlock the Ancient Door.

Ancient Door / Avarice

Going through the Ancient Door leads to a giant treasure chest! Using it will swallow you — complete all four combat encounters to gain a new power. The combat encounters are tricky, I recommend using the Daggers (complete the optional Garden of Life) to easily bounce back green projectiles. Wipe out all the enemies and you can deal with the miniboss solo.

For completing the challenges, you’ll gain the [Flame Spell]! Use the Flame Spell to light urns without a fire source. Do it to leave this area of the Reaper HQ and return to the Ceramic Mansion.

  • Mass of Soul Energy: In the Reaper HQ after gaining Flame Spell, drop down behind the desk / table in the tiled room to get this Mass.
  • Mass of Soul Energy: And a second one can be collected on your way out. You won’t miss it.

Next, you’ll want to enter the basement of the mansion which is its own separate sub-dungeon. You’ll be able to access it by shooting both urns near the Reaper HQ Portal in the Ceramic Mansion with the Flame Spell.

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