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Everyone loves shiny objects — including the Raven Reapers of Death’s Door. Shinies are a special type of collectible that really don’t do anything for you. They give you a little unlockable lore, and you’ll need to find all 24 to get 100% completion in your save file. Otherwise? They’re just shiny objects! As you collect them, they’ll appear all over your desk in Reaper HQ. Getting them all unlocks a few achievements, so why not hunt them down with our full locations guide?

There is exactly one shiny object that is useful. Hidden in the Ceramic Manor, the Old Photograph shiny collectible can be used to solve the puzzle in the Garden of Love area. You have to view it and spin the photograph around for the clue. There are other shinies you’ll actually need — the Magic Horn, the Mysterious Locket, but you’ll figure out what to do with those later. Some can only be found by completing specific hidden objectives. We’ve got it all explained below.

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All Shinies Locations Guide

Shinies are special optional collectibles that are required if you want to reach 100% completion in Death’s Door. There are no clues explaining where to find these, and sometimes you’ll discover hidden lore with these hidden items. If you want to find them all, check out the list of collectibles below. The collectibles are listed in the order they appear in your menu — if you’re missing one, just skip down to the empty space you need.

Old Engagement Ring: Ceramic Manor – Found at the end of the rafters path above the Dance Hall.

Old Compass: Old Cemetery – Found in the interior structure just south of the Old Cemetery Reaper HQ portal. Use Flame Spell to enter the underground catacomb full of spiders. After beating the giant spider queen, climb up the ladder and go right past the upper lever door. It leads to an optional path with this collectible.

Incense: Lost Cemetery – At the entrance to the Summit, go southwest down the ladder to the mausoleum rooftop. Use the open coffin to reach the roof where the incense is located.

Undying Blossom: Lost Cemetery – On the right side of the Lost Cemetery, near the path to the Overgrown Ruins. There’s a small tower with a seagreen roof. Approach the tower from below to move the camera and reveal the hidden entrance.

Old Photograph: Ceramic Manor – Go to the first Free Soul path. Walk past the fireplace room. In the hallway, shoot the urn with a Flame Spell to reveal a hidden ladder. Climb up and reach the opposite end of the rafters to find it.

Sludge Filled Urn: Estate of the Urn Witch – Reach the fountain and explore the upper-left corner. There’s a hidden section of hedge that leads to a raised platform. With the Hookshot, you can now reach (and drop down) onto the manholes. Follow all these manholes all the way to a combat encounter, and finally to a room with this urn.

Token of Death: Stranded Sailor – Found in the cavern on the way to the Stranded Sailor. In the waterfall room, use the Hookshot on the mid-level to reach this collectible.

Rusty Garden Trowel: Urn Witch Estate – Found in Pothead’s Secret Garden, accessed by solving the puzzle in the Garden of Love. Learn how to solve the puzzle here.

Adventure Journal: Stranded Sailor – Go down the stairs from Pothead’s tent and run toward the cave wall. There’s a hidden passage you can walk through (north of the dock) that leads to this collectible.

Giant Arrowhead: Throne of the Frog King – After you defeat the Frog King, climb the ladder past the arena floor to find this collectible.

Malformed Seed: Overgrown Ruins – You can spot this collectible on the lower-right corner of the Overgrown Ruins on a high spot. Go to the far right and climb to a high spot where you can reach the series of anchors. If you go past the Forest Settlement, you’ve gone too far.

Corrupted Antler: Mushroom Dungeon – Visible from the bridge south of the dungeon Ancient Portal. Use the Bomb Spell to break the cracked wall in the First Key room (southeast of the Ancient Portal) and get the third optional key north of the far Free Soul location.

Magical Forest Horn: Overgrown Ruins – You can’t miss this one. It’s required to unlock the Mushroom Dungeon.

Ancient Crown: Castle Lockstone – From the Main Hall, go to the upper-right door and drop through the sewer grate. Take the lower path (past the Soul Energy) to reach this collectible.

Grunt’s Old Mask: Stranded Sailor – Unlock the Bomb Spell, then free the trapped grunt behind the stone barrier in the Reaper HQ Portal room in the Mushroom Dungeon. He’ll leave and reappear at the Stranded Sailor with this collectible. Unlocks the ‘Clever Too Much’ achievement for finding.

Ancient Reaper Door: Reaper HQ – On the way out of the Bomb Spell abandoned office area, you can find an optional locked door with two unlit urns. Light them to unlock an office with this collectible. You’ll also find a Logbook and a bonus [Mass of Soul Energy].

Modern Door Scale Model: Reaper HQ – Found in the Reaper HQ, this can be obtained after gaining the Hookshot. Travel to the pavilion in the center with five staircases. To the right, there’s a series of small floating islands with light poles. Follow them to reach this collectible.

Rusty Belltower Key: Reaper HQ – After defeating the Last Lord, return to the Reaper HQ area where we fought him. There’s a new collectible on the floor. Return to the Lost Cemetery and go near the Summit — to the north, there’s a locked gate to the Belltower. This key can now finally unlock the gate.

Surveillance Device: Reaper HQ — Near the Stranded Sailor, there’s a cracked barrier you can break through with the Bomb Spell. You’ll also find a Logbook and a [Mass of Soul Energy].

Shiny Medallion: Free Crows Camp – Go to the elevator leading toward the boss dungeon. Behind the elevator, there’s a key-shaped opening you can blast open with a bomb.

Ink Covered Teddy Bear: Stranded Sailor – Go down to the docks and use the Hookshot Spell to reach an area with a Giant Knight. Defeat it to gain access to this teddy bear.

Signed Contract: Castle Lockstone – The hidden signed contract collectible is found after dropping down from the third urn location. Go through the doorway partially blocked by wooden doors.

Makeshift Soul Key: Grove of Spirits – In the bottom-right corner of this small area, there’s a secret you can reach with the Hookshot. Zip to the anchor and you’ll find this key.

Mysterious Locket: Old Watchtowers – Go to Betty’s Lair — just outside the cave entrance, there’s a series of ice crystals to the right. Smash through and go to the top. When you’re in night (in the Old Watchtowers), there’s a secret door that appears on this peak above Betty’s Lair.

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