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The only way to increase your magic charges or your total health is by collecting hidden crystals. In Death’s Door, you’ll need to find four of each crystal type to increase your maximum — and finding four crystals isn’t easy. You can make it through a significant portion of the game without even finding one crystal, much less four. There’s a reason for that. All the crystals are located in secret locations, and you’ll have to backtrack to locations with new gear to find them.

If you’re sick of looking, there’s one NPC that can help give you clues. Jefferson, the Stranded Sailor is a special optional NPC you can reach relatively early in the game. He can be skipped entirely if you’re just hunting for the Great Souls — but his advice is completely indispensable. Visiting his boat, he’ll give you clues for each areas you’ve been to, offering cryptic (and not-so-cryptic) instructions

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How To Reach The Stranded Sailor | Hint NPC

To get hints helping you reach valuable Magic / Vitality Crystals, you need to find Jefferson, the Stranded Sailor. To reach him, you need to acquire the [Flame Spell] from the Ceramic Mansion. You can visit the Stranded Sailor after you get the Flame Spell — you don’t need to defeat the Urn Witch yet!

Stranded Sailor Location: The path is located south of the Urn Witch’s mansion. Follow the path to small tower structure — nearby, there’s an unlit urn you can light with the Flame Spell. Climb the ladder up and you’ll find a path to the Stranded Sailor.

At the Stranded Sailor, you’ll find Pothead and other characters you’ll meet on your travels. Activate the portal near the ship entrance, and have a meal with Jefferson to get all the clues he’s got for you.

  • There is a hidden path next to an elevator in the center of the Cemetery, just after you cross the Great Bridge.
  • A secret lies submerged beneath the moat in the Estate of the Urn Witch… Opening it will require bringing an open flame to the East Gardens…
  • Behind a powerful Witch’s house lies a secret, accessible from the west side… To find it you must look for openings in the hedge…

Jefferson will reveal clues for every location you’ve reached so far. These are the three clues he’ll give to guide you to the Magic / Vitality Crystals you can access so far. In this area, you can also acquire the Old Compass collectible.

  • Old Compass: Found in the interior structure just south of the Old Cemetery Reaper HQ portal. Use Flame Spell to enter the underground catacomb full of spiders. After beating the giant spider queen, climb up the ladder and go right past the upper lever door. It leads to an optional path with this collectible.
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