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Death’s Door isn’t over, even after you’ve found all three Great Souls and defeated the final boss. After beating the game, you’ll be able to explore the entire map freely — but there’s one item you can obtain that unlocks a lot more mysteries. The true ending is a test, forcing you to re-explore everything you’ve found so far, and solving those little mysteries we’ve found along the way. There’s a whole lot of steps, so we’re going to cover everything you need to know.

The True Ending is going to take most of us hours, and if you’re ever lost of confused, we’ve got explanations for every step of the journey. Characters move to new locations and feature all new interactions — and you’ll have to do more than just solve puzzles. Sometimes you’ll need to find unique collectibles, and sometimes you’ll have to fight all new bosses. There’s a lot to discover in the Death’s Door post-game. Grab your favorite weapon and let’s reap the rest of this game.

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How To Get The True Ending | Post-Game Guide

After defeating the Last Lord, you’ll have one final task to complete — start by acquiring the Rusty Belltower Key.

  • Rusty Belltower Key: After defeating the Last Lord, return to the Reaper HQ area where we fought him. There’s a new collectible on the floor. Return to the Lost Cemetery and go near the Summit — to the north, there’s a locked gate to the Belltower. This key can now finally unlock the gate.

How To Switch Between Day And Night: Hitting the belltower switches the world from day to night. Now you can collect secret objects called Ancient Tablets of Knowledge.

All seven Ancient Tablets can be collected in any order — but only at night. One of the quests requires you to plant all 50 Green Pots — you can plant during the day, but you’ll have to complete the actual task at night.

Ancient Tablet #1: Lost Cemetery

To get the first tablet, travel to Betty’s Lair. That’s the ice arena for the third Great Soul boss.

  • Mysterious Locket: Old Watchtowers – Go to Betty’s Lair — just outside the cave entrance, there’s a series of ice crystals to the right. Smash through and go to the top. When you’re in night (in the Old Watchtowers), there’s a secret door that appears on this peak above Betty’s Lair.

Return to the Lost Cemetery and return to the Gravedigger. The closed door in his small area is now open. This will initiate the Gravedigger boss fight. Defeat him to acquire the Ancient Tablet of Knowledge.

Ancient Tablet #2: Lost Cemetery

In the Lost Cemetery, switch to night and lead the pink lock symbol ghosts to the Lock Lord statues. There are six ghosts you need to lead — lead all seven to statues and the large door on the southern edge of the area will unlock. The second Ancient Tablet is inside.

Ancient Tablet #3: Urn Witch Estate

From the Urn Witch Estate, go to the Garden of Love (left of the mansion entrance) and solve the puzzle. Check out our guide here for instructions how to solve the puzzle.

  • How To Solve The Garden Of Love Legitimately: To solve the puzzle on your own you need to collect the Old Photograph collectible. Take a look at the Old Photograph collectible to see how to solve the puzzle.
  • Old Photograph: Ceramic Manor – Go to the first Free Soul path. Walk past the fireplace room. In the hallway, shoot the urn with a Flame Spell to reveal a hidden ladder. Climb up and reach the opposite end of the rafters to find it.

Inside the Secret Garden, you’ll find Pothead at night. Pothead will give you clues to all the Green Pot locations you’ve missed — to unlock this door, you must plant all the Green Pots in the game. There are 50 total.

  • NOTE: While hunting Green Pots, search the portals marked with a pink light. If the pink light disappears, that means you’ve found all the Green Pots / collectibles in the area. Ignore the portals for the Free Crow Camp, and the Estate of the Urn Which — those won’t clear until you’ve collecting the Ancient Tablet (Estate) and collecting all 7 Ancient Tablets (Free Crows).

Don’t forget to check the Silent Servant rooms! If you tried to avoid planting seeds as you progressed through the game like me, then you’re in for a lot of backtracking.

Ancient Tablet #4: Overgrown Ruins

Just south of the portal, near the entrance to the Overgrown Ruins, the area is now no longer flooded. Drop down into the dry area and enter the Avarice combat challenge by approaching the treasure chest. Complete the challenge to get the Ancient Tablet of Knowledge. This is a tough fight, but not as tough as what we’ve already dealt with.

Ancient Tablet #5: Flooded Fortress

Go to the Stranded Sailor at night and talk to Jefferson the Squid. Jefferson will jump on your back — walk back to the Flooded Fortress and you’ll find spectral platforms near the beginning that lead you to a secret place.

Once you reach the end (at night) with Jefferson on your back, follow this spectral path to the squid shrine. Pray at the moon symbol (with Jefferson on your back) to receive the Ancient Tablet.

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