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Need more bosses to fight in Death’s Door? If you’re brave enough, you can take on the Silent Servants. These powerful magical entities unlock after you earn each magic spell. There’s one for each magic spell, and defeating them gives the corresponding spell a powerful upgrade. If you’re a magic-focused reaper, you’ll want to get some of these spells ASAP. Below, we’ve got locations for every Silent Servant location, and what upgrade you’ll unlock for fighting them. There’s an achievement for beating each one — and the Bow Silent Servant is one of the tougher bosses in the entire game. Some of these guys, you might want to spend extra time preparing for.

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Silent Servant Locations | Magic Upgrade Guide

  • Flame Silent Servant Boss: Urn Witch’s Estate – Right at the entrance, use the Flame Spell on the webs blocking the doorway on the left side.

Your Flame Spell now burns enemies for extra damage over time. Defeating the boss will unlock the ‘Cremation’ achievement.

  • Hook Silent Servant Boss: Stranded Sailor – Return to the cave that connects the Stranded Sailor to the Lost Cemetery. Use the Hookshot beneath the locked gate with two green-burning statues.

Your Hookshot now does a powerful slash when you use a sword while being pulled to an enemy. This unlocks the ‘Crouching Tiger Hidden Crow’ achievement.

  • Bomb Silent Servant Boss: Lost Cemetery – Go to the Door Guardian Boss arena and take the right path toward the gondola. Under the long bridge, drop down and blast open the cracked door.

Your Bomb spell now no longer damages you, only your foes. Unlocks the ‘Demo Crow’ achievement.

  • Bow Silent Servant Boss: Lost Cemetery – Just beneath the Lost Cemetery portal, enter the building and burn through the cobwebs. You’ll enter a small mini-dungeon that eventually leads to this Bow Silent Servant boss portal. To reach it, you need the Flame Spell, Bomb Spell, and Hookshot.

You can now charge your bow shot longer to deal extra damage. For completing this challenge, you’ll unlock the ‘Hawk Eye’ achievement.

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