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Didn’t think your spells could be more powerful, did you? After completing the Ceramic Mansion, the world of Death’s Door opens up significantly. You’ll be able to access more areas in the Lost Cemetery and explore the grounds of the Urn Witch’s Estate. If you look carefully, you can even encounter an optional mini-boss called the Silent Servant. This deadly opponent is ridiculously difficult on your first attempt, but we’ve figured out a strategy that makes him much, much easier to beat.

And beating him is worth it. Defeating the first Silent Servant will unlock the “Cremation” achievement and upgrade your Flame Spell. The upgraded Flame Spell sets enemies on fire, dealing damage-over-time and dealing more damage in general. That’s a huge step up, making the Flame Spell actually viable in combat. Before this upgrade, the Flame Spell is really only useful for burning cobwebs.

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Silent Servant Of Flame | Optional Boss Location & Battle Tips

How To Find The Silent Servant: The Silent Servant of Flame is located in the Urn Witch’s Estate. Right at the entrance, use the Flame Spell on the webs blocking the doorway on the left side. This unblocks the path into a room with a Green Pot and a mysterious portal. Using the portal will initiate the boss fight. Instead of teleporting back to a portal, you’ll be given the option to restart the fight. You’ll probably need to use this feature.

Loadout: For this fight, I recommend using the Sword and reaching at least Strength +2 at the Soul Vault. This fight can be won at any Strength Level or with any weapon, but the more damage you can do per hit, the less time you’ll have to fight. If you’re struggling, just return once you’ve boosting your Strength higher in the Soul Vault.

  • The Flame Servant summons more fireballs around him as the battle continues. If he raises his weapon, he’ll also cast a slow spell. Mash attach / dodge to break free. His normal attack is a forward slam, then a spin. The tricky part is avoiding his circling fireballs.
  • The easiest way to beat him is to bait out his slow forward slam attack. Dash-attack straight at him, and he’ll counter with a slam. Dodge backwards, wait for the attack to finish, then dash-attack again. You can catch him in a constant rhythm of these attacks if you’re at mid-range. You can easily dodge-roll through the fireballs, hit him once, retreat, and repeat until he’s down.

Your Fireball spell now burns enemies for extra damage over time. Defeating the boss will unlock the ‘Cremation‘ achievement.

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