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Deltarune isn’t your average RPG. Instead of fighting enemies with attacks, each battle has a unique gimmick you need to solve. The goal isn’t to destroy monsters, just to spare them — and a spared monster just might be your friend! By using [ACT] commands in battle, you can eventually wear down a monster’s MERCY meter. When it reaches 100%, you can spare the monster and end the battle. For most enemies, its a pretty simple process. But, each boss fight adds new layers, forcing you to figure out sometimes complex puzzles.

We’re tackling all the big monsters from Chapter 2 of Deltarune. Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 are available now for free, and the second Dark World is packed with even more wild and creative monster battles. You’ll take on the diabolical Queen, a mad mom that wants to protect the world with her glass of swishy wine. There are teams of musical monsters, Spambots, and an incredibly annoying bird named Berdly. Learn how to take them all down (with kindness) in the full Chapter 2 boss guide.

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How To Beat Every Boss | Chapter 2

Every boss in Deltarune has unique mechanics and a special way to defeat them. These are the solutions for wearing each boss down so you can use MERCY.

Boss: Sweet, K_K & Cap’n

  • Dance with Kris to make Cap’n get lost in the groove.
  • Keep dancing until Ralsei and Susie learn R-Action and S-Action.
  • Now all three characters can dance at the same time.

Boss: Berdly (Bumper Car)

  • Use BumpX to bump into Berdly’s car. Each character that uses Bump increases MERCY +12/15/18%.
  • Hit Berdly until you reach 100% MERCY to destroy his bumper car.

Boss: Berdly

  • Select “Play Smart” or “Play Dumb” to raise Berdly’s MERCY or select N-Action.
  • When Berdly summons enemies, use Sleep Mist to knock them out of the fight.
  • Noelle can heal during this tricky fight.

Boss: Spamton

  • Select “Deal” and select “Tell Me More” to gain +20% MERCY.
  • Next, “Deal” and don’t give him money.
  • To heal, use “DealHeal”.
  • Select to “Take The Deal”.
  • Don’t buy insurance when he offers it.
  • Don’t give him account access.
  • Finally, take the deal.

Boss: Rouxls

  • To win, you need to charge your TP and then select to “Take House” — the more houses you take, the better.
  • Choose Defend to build TP, then select to take 4 houses. If you want to win, you neen to try to take the houses in the middle. The battle will continue until no more houses can be taken.

Boss: Queen & Berdly

  • Select “Group Loosen” to raise Berdly’s MERCY +15%, but “Throw” works better.
  • When Queen creates a shield, use “Toast” or “Grouptoast” to lower the shield. “Grouptoast” lowers the shield much more.
  • Get rid of the shield, then use “Throw” — try to hit as many marks on the wires as you can to double or triple the amount his MERCY percentage increases.
  • Once you free Berdly, you’ll win the battle.

Boss: Giga Queen

  • Dodge left / right to avoid her attacks, then strike to deal damage to her health bar. This isn’t a normal fight. Its like a boxing match!
  • Attack to build TP. Rarely, she also uses attacks that you can build TP the normal method.
  • When she throws balls at you, punch them back. You need to complete all three rounds to defeat her.
  • Use “Ducky Mode” for a powerful attack, or “Turbo Dodge” to improve your dodge speed.

NOTE: Use [Act] and “SELF-FIX” to repair yourself.

  • Each round, she’ll gain more combos and attacks. When she does a little dance before an attack, watch which direction her sprite flashes. This indicates where she’ll attack — so dodge in the opposite direction!
  • Use Defend to build extra TP. For this fight, you’ll want as much TP as you can get for healing.
  • You can also deal a little extra damage with Attack. This boss can’t be defeated with MERCY.

When she’s low on health in Round 3, wait for her to attempt to throw a giant ball. Punch it multiple times to launch it back, defeating her.

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