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You won’t find the coolest boss fight in Deltarune: Chapter 2 just by playing through the story. There’s a totally unique battle waiting for you to discover — and finding it is a little complicated. The fight has special mechanics, turning your little heart into a space shooter, blasting flying heads and charging attacks. This is a scary opponent that’ll leave your team of protagonists shaken. There’s obviously more to this encounter than meets the eye, and it just might be important for the lore. If you’re a big fan of Deltarune, you absolutely don’t want to miss this.

To unlock the secret boss, Kris needs to complete a series of objectives — and you need to fight it before completing the Cyber World. You can access the secret boss once you reach the Queen’s Mansion. After that, you’ll need to collect a hidden key, find a secret path, and enter a very creepy basement. A few of these steps are pretty obscure, so you can find a full explanation for fighting Spamton’s second form below. We’ve also included a boss guide, explaining how this boss works.

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How To Fight The Secret Boss | Chapter 2 Guide

Once you reach the Queen’s Mansion, you can access the secret boss. Prepare yourself before starting the fight! Its much harder than any of the main bosses, even in Chapter 2. To get started, use the fast travel door to go back to the Trash Zone.

  • Step #1: Getting The Keygen.
    • Talk to Spamton and buy the Keygen.
    • If you’re fast, you can purchase it for 23 bucks.
  • Step #2: Unlocking The Basement.
    • Take the Keygen to the Queen’s Mansion basement.
    • To reach the basement, go to the eastern room in 1F Queen’s Mansion. This is the room past the traffic puzzle.
    • In the statue room, interact with the angular candle holders. Interact with all of them to find the Keygen lock.
  • Step #3: Getting The EmptyDisk.
    • That leads downstairs to BF1. Go left and enter the furthest room. You’ll seemingly be locked in. A teacup ride will appear on the left. Ride it down to deactivate the forcefield.
    • Further into the extremely creep basement, collect the EmptyDisk from the robot past the forcefield.
  • Step #4: Starting The Secret Boss Fight.
    • Now return to Spamton in the Trash Zone and give him the disk. Select to “TRANSFER”, then return to the basement in the Queen’s Mansion.
    • Return the disk to the machine where you found the EmptyDisk in the basement.
    • Walk back, and Spamton NEO will appear to initiate his boss fight.

How To Beat Spamton NEO

In this fight, Spamton NEO launches waves of himself at you in shoot-em-up style. Your regular shots will clear small Spams, while a charged shot is required to clear the large Spams.

  • Select “SNAP” or “SNAP ALL” to increase his MERCY meter. Regular “SNAP” increases MERCY by only +2%.
  • Ralsei and Susie gain new abilities to use your TP. You can Supercharge to give yourself 20 auto-charged shots, or Fluffyguard to generate a shield.
  • Destroying or stopping some of Spamton’s attacks will increase his MERCY meter.

Bring plenty of healing items! The trickiest part is just keeping your party alive and healed up so you can safely pull off “SNAP ALL” actions. Keep doing it, and you’ll eventually wear Spamton down. As you damage him, his attacks will fail more often.

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