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For a few years now, we’ve been waiting on Bungie to make crossplay happen in Destiny 2. Finally, the game went from being a premium title to a free-to-play model. Of course, that alone allowed a significant resurgence with more players jumping into the mix. However, if you wanted to play with friends that were not on your particular platform, then you’ve been out of luck. That’s soon about to change as Bungie recently unveiled that crossplay will happen early into season 15.

This announcement comes from Bungie’s official blog post that noted crossplay is coming. Unfortunately, we don’t know just when exactly it will happen during season 15. As a result, we can likely expect more time to pass by before the crossplay becomes implemented. However, when this crossplay does get added into the mix, there will be some slight changes. For starters, to keep those weary of competitive matches, Bungie is keeping things a bit more even by keeping competitive modes separate between consoles and PC platforms.

There’s also a change to the naming system. Your name handle will be going through Bungie’s own name service. First off, names will automatically go through a filtering process that will eliminate words that are deemed to be offensive. Likewise, certain special characters will also get removed, so if your name changes, then it’s only temporary. The default name will be Guardian, followed by a series of numbers. Players will be able to change their names sometime during the winter.

Meanwhile, this will also allow players to keep their progress across multiple platforms as it will be tied to your Bungie Name. Furthermore, using Bungie Name will enable players to search and connect across the different supported platforms. Again, these changes will be happening at some point during season 15.


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