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Destiny 2 is quite a massively popular video game, and it’s free-to-play. That’s a pretty easy way to get an audience to at least try a game out. However, few free-to-play games can keep an audience sticking around. Fortunately, that’s not the case for Bungie, as players have continued to enjoy the latest updates and content found in this futuristic fantasy FPS series. Much like all online video game titles, there’s always cheats to deal with.

Cheating has become a problem on PC for Destiny 2. Bungie is aware of this problem, too, as they have been working on an anti-cheat software rollout. A report went out that Bungie is bringing on the BattlEye anti-cheat software, which has been popular in the past. For instance, we’ve seen Ubisoft games use this software. With it, we’ll be able to see Destiny 2 get cheaters out of the gameplay. Still, it’s a waiting game to see just how effective this software ends up being for the video game.

Just like other anti-cheat software, this is a program that downloads with the game. With it enabled, the game will be able to load up and play usually. Those that tamper with the software will find that the game won’t run. It’s all a means to keep the game free from hackers and other potential attacks. Likewise, this could be a good alert to potentially bring back former players that have stopped due to cheating. 

Right now, we don’t know just when the BattlEye Anti-Cheat software will get added into the game. According to Tom Warren from The Verge, this software has been going through internal testing for the past few months. As a result, a rollout should be coming out soon. The rollout can’t get here fast enough for some players, but at least we know the update is in the works. 


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