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A new leak suggests that the next major addition to Xbox Game Pass may be Destiny 2 and its expansions for PC gamers. While we’ve known for a while that Microsoft has been attempting to get the game to PC subscribers, new details spotted by eagle-eyed gamers have suggested that the launch of the game on the platform is imminent, and may come with the launch of the game’s new season.

Destiny 2 and its expansions are already available on Game Pass, but only to console gamers. The leak suggests that Bungie is attempting to bring the game and its expansions to Game Pass PC gamers (though given the size and complexity of the game, a Cloud Gaming port might not be likely to happen). When the Beyond Light expansion launched late last year, Xbox Game Pass said it was working on bringing the game and expansions to PC, though we’ve heard nothing about it since.

Bungie revealed a few days ago that Destiny 2 crossplay is coming with the Season 15 update, and included several screenshots with the announcement. One of those screenshots showed a gameplay lobby, and a few players have a Windows icon next to their name, as opposed to a Steam icon. You can see this highlighted in a tweet from DestinyNews+. According to them, this hints at the Game Pass PC launch next season.

Destiny 2 crossplay, which is expected to launch on August 24, will bring players together from Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and Stadia. Players can expect to receive a new name called their “Bungie Name,” which will give them a unique identifier across all platforms without anyone having to change their names: Players will see their usernames displayed, and the name will be recorded with a hashtag and number, sort of like a Discord name.


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