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Bungie has revealed the latest updates that will be coming in Season 15 of Destiny 2. Among several other updates that will probably alter gameplay moving forward, Bungie is also dishing out several nerfs and buffs to its Exotic weaponry, including several fan-favorites. Most of the details were spelled out in the latest Bungie blog post. They also implied that further changes will be coming ahead of the Witch Queen expansion.

Specifically, the update will nerf Anarchy and Xenophage. For Anarchy, Bungie writes: “We like that it’s a great choice for hard solo content, and trapping enemy spawns/chokepoints, but don’t want it to remain part of a dominant tactic for boss damage, and particularly don’t want it to be great for boss damage AND add clears in a single encounter. With this change we expect it to remain strong, without being borderline usable as a Primary weapon.”

For Xenophage, they write: “Xenophage was already top-notch, so didn’t need to benefit from the global Machine Gun buff. It does benefit from the damage-per-bullet buff to Machine Guns, but now has a slower rate of fire to compensate, resulting in slightly lower damage per second, but higher burst damage and sustained damage (since it’s now more ammo efficient).”

The guns that are getting buffs include Vex Mythoclast, Merciless, Jötunn, Bastion, and Sweet Business. Mythoclast is probably getting the biggest buff, with Bungie writing: “We were cautious with tuning this one at launch, knowing that shipping a dominant weapon that has incredibly low ownership would break PvP, and aimed for “balanced, but erring on the side of not letting it ship too strong.” However, it fell short of balanced, ownership is much higher now, and we want it to be strong enough to be a desirable reward from Vault of Glass.”


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