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Getting stronger, gaining levels, finishing quests–those typical aspects of gaming are all well and good, but the real endgame is something much more vain. The Destiny 2 community isn’t afraid to strut the virtual catwalk clad in the gaudiest glamours known to man, and developer Bungie is finally taking notice. An announcement made on the official Destiny 2 Twitter account earlier this week is asking fans to keep their eyes open: a digital Destiny 2 fashion magazine, titled ‘Threads of Light,’ is ‘about to drop.’

It’s unclear exactly how Bungie has been amassing looks for the collection. It’s possible that a submission system may be coming, allowing players to vie for a spot in the ‘zine. It’s also possible that an army of fashion experts have infiltrated the game, spying on characters and jotting down those with the most potential. Since the title’s release, players have been posting their outfits over at the /r/DestinyFashion subreddit, so it wouldn’t hurt to head there for a little inspiration. Either way, if you’re hoping to be featured, keep an eye out for further updates. All that grinding for the right headgear might finally pay off!

While Destiny 2 was released over four years ago, the game continues to have a massive player base. Yesterday, September 21, 125,000 were playing the game concurrently on Steam, making it the third most-played game on the platform.

The newest season of Destiny 2, Season of the Lost, launched on August 24. The newest expansion The Witch Queen is scheduled to drop on February 22, 2022, which will also mark the beginning of the a new season.

Destiny 2 is available to play on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, Google Stadia, and PC. More information on the ‘Threads of Light’ digital fashion magazine is coming soon.


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