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Bungie had a very exciting few days at Gamescom, revealing details about its upcoming Destiny 2 season and expansion in a special, dedicated showcase. We got a gameplay trailer for the Witch Queen expansion, a trailer for Season of the Lost, and Bungie celebrating its 30th birthday, so all in all a very packed show. Unfortunately, the fine print reveals that Xbox Game Pass Trailers won’t be able to participate — not for free, anyway.

Witch Queen is adding several gameplay elements to the game that have never been in the Destiny series before, including a new Legendary Mode difficulty, weapon crafting, and a six-player event called Dares of Eternity. That’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as the Witch Queen content is concerned. This is the biggest expansion in the entire series and promises to change the game permanently.

Unfortunately, Bungie buried some bad news in this recap, as the Witch Queen FAQs show that the Xbox Game Pass players will be getting short shrift: “If I already have Game Pass on Xbox will I get access to The Witch Queen? No. The Witch Queen will not be available within Game Pass.” So yeah, it looks like that’s it. While Xbox Game Pass players have access to Destiny 2 and all of its current expansions, it seems it won’t be available to Game Pass players any time soon, if ever.

That’s not to say those players will never be able to play the game. Most likely, they’ll have to pay for it separately in order to play it alongside other players. Game Pass players who want in on all the new content can purchase Witch Queen in either the Standard Edition, Deluxe Edition, or the 30th Anniversary Bundle. The latter two basically add a bunch of new weapons and other extras.


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