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When it comes to streaming, it wasn’t long ago that it was pretty much a free reign to anyone that wanted to use copyright music on their channels. There wasn’t much pushback over something like Spotify playing in the background to help give some kind of a chill or mood tone for viewers to listen in on. While most channels were not necessarily using the music as the main focal point to their stream, it was enough to sway some labels to go on the offense to streaming hosts like Twitch over their music being used.

This crackdown was pretty sudden as channels were getting hit with all kinds of past VODs and clips that featured music. It was rough to deal with if you were a streamer as you had to go back and find all the content and remove it. Twitch even made the decision initially to go ahead and take down these videos that featured the copyright music without notice. As you can imagine, that led to quite a backlash against Twitch from content creators who might not have had backup or were given no warning ahead of time.

While the music situation on places like Twitch has changed up what some content creators will stream, it’s left plenty of grey areas. For instance, there’ve been plenty of video games enjoyed and streamed that had this copyrighted music. Fortunately, some development studios are taking the initiative and offering a streamer mode that would replace or eliminate the music for certain copyright music. For those of you who have been looking for free music to stream can now look towards Riot.

Riot, which is known for video games like League of Legends or Valorant, has compiled 37 tracks for streamers that are safe to use. Now if you’re streaming on YouTube or Twitch you can enjoy these chill beats without the feat of getting a copyright strike. Likewise, you can find the album, Sessions: Vi, available on a variety of online digital services such as YouTube and Spotify.

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