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The Diablo franchise has a strong following, and fans are waiting on the next major installment. We know that a new mainline Diablo game is in the works. While we might not have seen very much of it, the development team over at Blizzard is hard at work. We’re waiting on news for this game but something of interest did pop up online. It turns out that the developers have hit a significant milestone.

A new update has come out to Diablo IV. That might sound a bit bizarre to some since the game isn’t even available yet. However, we know that Diablo IV has been on version 0.0.1 according to the content delivery network. Now a fan of the Diablo franchise has taken to Reddit and alerted others that Blizzard has pushed out a new update. This has taken the game from 0.0.1 to 0.2.0. From what most are assuming, this update brought out a big patch with potentially new content for the game.

Fans can at least be optimistic over this news. We might not know just what was updated to the game, but it looks like developers have at least hit a new milestone for their project. Naturally, that’s something to get excited about because we’re one step closer to a new reveal. Perhaps we’re actually getting closer to the launch of Diablo IV than most have thought initially. Although, we’re still uncertain just when the new mainline Diablo installment will actually hit the marketplace. In fact, we have another Diablo game to get through first before we get Diablo IV.

You might recall Diablo Immortal. It had a bit of an infamous announcement with fans wishing for a Diablo IV reveal. Instead, what we received was the announcement of a free-to-play mobile title. Diablo Immortal is being developed by Blizzard Entertainment along with NetEase. Meanwhile, Diablo IV doesn’t have a release window quite yet. Hopefully, this Diablo Immortal title can deliver and tie players until the next main installment comes out.


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