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Rumor in the gaming industry has it that Electronic Arts is debuting something about the upcoming Bioware RPG, Dragon Age 4, in July. The smart money is on the game appearing in the EA Play event, which is happening on July 22. There’s more than just speculation to back this up, however: An alpha file was discovered on the PlayStation Store that somehow relates to Dragon Age 4, though we don’t know any of the specifics.

The file was discovered by a Twitter user called PlayStation Game Size, who scans the PS Store for new listings and such. They said that the file is an alpha version of Dragon Age 4. I do encourage everyone to take that with a grain of salt since I’ve not seen independent confirmation of that. There’s also a chance it’s not the game or even a demo — it could also be a trailer or something of that nature — and even if it is, I highly doubt EA will make an alpha publicly available. But still, it’s a hope worth clinging to that we’ll see something of the game in July.

We already knew there was a chance EA would bring Dragon Age 4 to the EA Play event. The word is that they’re hoping to release the game sometime in 2022, and so far we’ve seen nothing of it but some location images and concept art. We’re going to need a little more than that if we’re going to get hyped.

So far, the only things we know about Dragon Age 4 is that it’ll be a strictly single-player experience and that it’ll probably take place in Tevinter. It may not even be called Dragon Age 4. As for the upcoming EA Play Live, the only other title that we can almost guarantee will make an appearance is Battlefield 2042.

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