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Techland held its third episode of Dying 2 Know today, the show where it shows off the features of the upcoming Dying Light 2 Stay Human. We know a lot more about the combat and other gameplay, as well as the setting than we did before. For example, we know the city will be called Villedor, and it was founded under the auspices of a single unifying vision that splintered over time. We’ll know more about it when the game launches on December 7.

The developers described the freedom of movement in the game, as Villedor has built the city from the ground up to be climbed over. The footage shows the city dotted with ziplines, climbing pipes, bars, and a number of other tools the players can use to climb around the city at will. It sounds almost like they took some inspiration from the classic parkour game, Mirror’s Edge, as they describe players finding a “flow” with their movements and ability to string their moves together.

Another thing that received a lot of attention at the show was the game’s weapons and combat. According to Techland, each faction will have its own kinds of weapons for the player to access. The melee combat has also been upgraded, with the enemies having different reactions depending on what kind of weapon you’re using and how many times you hit them. There wasn’t much ranged combat shown in the footage — you could catch a glimpse of some crossbows, but no guns that I saw. It’d be cool to see if the game didn’t actually allow you to have guns, or severely limited your ammo.

As a cherry on top, they also announced that the original Dying Light is coming to the Nintendo Switch. While the new game isn’t planned for a Switch release at launch, at least this will give those who want to play a parkour zombie game some options.

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