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Dying Light was a huge hit when it was released and for years we knew that a sequel was also in the works. However, it took a bit of time before the sequel was ready for the public and while we are gearing down towards the final stretch for this game in development, players are learning new details about what to expect. Recently, Game Informer was able to speak with the team over at Techland crafting up the game and it was during this conversation that we got word about how the multiplayer component will work.

Just like with the first Dying Light, there is a cooperative gameplay mechanic featured as well which will allow players to connect and progress through the game. In Dying Light 2, a big component that the developers were highlighting was choices. Every choice you make will have a consequence and could even change up the in-game world a bit. We’re going to get plenty of these choices popping up so fans that plan to play this game together might wonder just how this aspect will work and what it might mean for everyone apart from that game session.

According to the interview at Game Informer, it looks like the player host will be the only player capable of making the choices in the game campaign. They’ll decide how the story progresses and from there you’ll see the consequences play out. Fortunately, these choices will not affect anyone else’s game world, but only the host player. That should help give some players an idea of what choices will change in the game or see just how things differ between each other’s game world.

However, one aspect that might make playing cooperative a bit more thrilling is the fact that players will keep their experience. So the progress you make will carry over and best of all, all the loot you’ve uncovered is kept as well. As mentioned, we’re in that final stretch, we know that Dying Light 2 is slated to release this year. Specifically, players can mark their calendars for its release on December 7, 2021, for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

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