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Techland, the developers of Dying Light 2: Stay Human, have released a preview for the next update video on their channel, promising that the next update video will give everyone a good long look at the game’s open world. The developers are definitely doing everything they can to keep the game in the public eye in spite of the game’s delayed release from this December to February 4, 2022. The episode will run on September 30.

This will be the fourth episode of Dying 2 Know, the show in which Techland shows off what’s going to be in Dying Light 2. Tymon Smektala, the game’s designer, says in the preview that not only will this episode be about the game’s open world, but we’ll also meet some NPCs as well as “another famous face you’ll see in the game.” I have no idea who that could be, but it’ll be good to see some characters in the game who aren’t trying to either kill Aiden or sway him to a faction or other.

We know that the game will take place in a single city, called Villedor and that the main character Aiden will be leaping and parkouring in every direction. Given that we’ve already seen the game’s combat, enemies, and movement in previous shows, this update video will probably focus on the sights we’re going to see both in and around the city. I’d be curious to know if there is any kind of civilization outside the city itself.

As stated, Dying Light 2: Stay Human was recently delayed to the rather crowded February 2022 release window. Techland says this is because the game doesn’t have quite the amount of polish they want it to have, but the game looks very good from what we’ve seen of it so far in the Dying 2 Know episodes.


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