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Dying Light 2 Will Feature A Quality & Performance Mode For Latest Generation Consoles – Gameranx


For years fans have been waiting for the sequel to Dying Light. Techland unveiled Dying Light 2 back during E3 2018, so it’s been quite a few years since we first heard about the game. At one point, Techland released a video to confirm they were still working on the game. Now we’re finding out that there are actually two modes to pick from for players that will be going through Dying Light 2 on either the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X platforms.

Techland’s lead level designer, Piotr Pawlaczyk, spoke with MP1st. During the conversation, it was unveiled that Dying Light 2 will have a Performance and Quality mode. Players will be able to pick between the two, which will result in either better FPS or having enhanced visuals. According to the report, Quality Mode will use the finer quality details within the world. You’ll have better lighting and the use of ray tracing. While the game will look better overall, it will come with a hit on FPS.

If you’re not concerned with the best visuals, then your best bet would be going with Performance mode. This mode will offer smoother gameplay with 60FPS. So it does look like there will be some kind of a sacrifice either way. You’ll either have to drop the visuals or lose out on some FPS. At the very least, it will be up to the players to decide which model to run with. Of course, this is just two options available for the latest-generation console platforms.

In other news at Techland, it was unveiled that the developers shut down hopes for an original Dying Light game next-gen release. Instead, it looks like the focus is providing a solid experience with Dying Light 2 Stay Human. As it stands right now, the upcoming video game will be available on December 7, 2021, as mentioned. You’ll be able to pick this game up for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.


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