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2020 made quite a few changes to how we operate with several in-person events being canceled. While those events are now slowly coming back a year later, we still had to endure a digital E3 season. Normally, E3 is a big expo where we have several big conferences to attend, video games to try out and it’s a way to interact with the company to get some questions answered about certain upcoming projects. However, E3 2021 was broken up into small stream showcases and that’s going to continue on after E3 came to a close with EA and their digital event, EA Play Live.

This event will be taking place later this month and it’s bound to have a few notable video game titles unveiled to the masses. We know that this will feature certain projects like Battlefield 2042 along with Apex Legends, but there are also a few surprises likely in store for players who decide to watch the event unfold. With that said, there’s also plenty of speculation about what might show up during the event such as a rumored sequel to the highly beloved Star Wars title from Respawn Entertainment, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

Regardless, it’s been noted that fans who tune into the show will find that the announcements are more or less set around video games that are coming to the marketplace shortly. This means some of the projects that we know are in the works but are still early in development will likely not make an appearance. That might be a bit frustrating for some players but at the very least, it’s nice knowing that whatever we end up getting revealed during this event will be nearing the end of its development cycle.

As mentioned, this is an event that’s already planned out for July 22, 2021, which will start at 1 PM ET. While this will kickoff a pre-show event, the actual EA Play Live stream will take about 40 minutes. That’s plenty of time to get some updates on the games we know are close to releasing along with a few new title announcements as well. 

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