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It’s always a fun time looking back at video game titles during their infancy of being developed. One of the staple video game exclusive titles for Microsoft has been Halo, which was first brought out by development studio Bungie. This IP had grown over the years into a massively popular FPS game that fans can’t get enough of. However, if you thought that we knew just about everything there is to know when it comes to the first installment of Halo: Combat Evolved, then you might have been surprised this past week. 

One of the creators behind Halo: Combat Evolved, Marcus Lehto, happened to stumble upon an early build of Halo when he was going through his old computer. This build of the game had some weapons that the developers were toying around with but never fully built them up for an official addition into the game. Now, years later we get a look at some of the weapons that we could have been able to equip and use in the game if they were scrapped.

Through the official Twitter account from Marcus Lehto, we got a look at four different weapons. These weapons are the Concussion Gun, Excavator, Particle Beam Rifle, and the Microwave Gun. All seem to be attached to the Covenant so you would have likely picked these weapons up from enemies in the game. Meanwhile, the developer released a video of the weapons and even showcased their use.

Now, these guns were not finished so some may seem like the effects are missing along with the audio. Regardless, it looks like these weapons were simply tossed out in favor of other content in Halo: Combat Evolved. Either way, this is still quite the find and one that Halo fans will want to check out especially if they remember enjoying the first installment to the massively popular franchise. 

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