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Earth Born is a bizarre little JRPG you can play in Eastward — but its really unlike more of a roguelike. Your goal is to defeat the final boss with your randomly generated party, while items are also randomly generated in towns. Whether you can win or lose really depends on what items you get to make your party as powerful as possible before facing off against the end boss.

You’ll be introduced to Earth Born early in the story, and there’s basically no way to win on your first attempt. If you’re like me, you can’t just let that attempt go. It is possible to win, but you’ll need to prepare yourself and be ready to buy the best items when they (randomly) appear. This is a game that’s all about grinding. Once your party is strong enough, you just might have a chance to beat the final boss. Use this tips to get yourself on the right track… and you might just impress your Chapter 1 pals.

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Before you get started, collect as many Capsule Toys as you can. To get capsule toys, you need to collect tokens — once you unlock about 15-20 Capsule Toys, you’ll unlock enough items to actually complete Earth Born.

  • Play through Earth Bound multiple times to collect all the party members. After they’ve been unlocked once, you can get them again in future playthroughs. Don’t worry about winning!

You’re limited to 6 days to level up for the final boss on Day 7. Run around, fighting monsters, leveling up, buying gear, and collecting party members. You’ll want to get everyone in your party to at least Level 4 before Day 7. The party members don’t matter, but you’ll want to get them all.

The most important part of a successful Earth Born run is getting the best possible gear. You’ll want to buy healing items, because healing items are a free action. You can still act after using an item.

  • CRITICAL ITEMS: Buy these items if you see them in a store.
    • Regen: Anything that gives you Regen is incredibly useful.
    • Priest Book: Powerful healing book.
    • Wolf Claws: Give you a chance to act twice. Very useful for the Hunter party member.
    • Dodge Boots: Give you a random chance at automatically dodging an attack.
    • Spike Shield: Shield that causes enemies to take damage after each attack.

Those are some of the most important items to get and equip on your party. Otherwise, just stack up as many healing items as you can. Keeping your party alive is the most important part of Day 7 — and use items to buff yourself as much as possible once you reach the Demon King.

Get to Level 4 and get some great items, and you’ll give yourself a pretty good chance at finally beating the Demon King and unlocking the “Another Story” achievement / trophy.

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