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In the style of classic SNES games like Illusion of Gaia and Terranigma, Eastward takes you on a journey through a wild world of discovery and dungeons. In this charming adventure, Digger John and his adopted companion Sam trek across a vast world that’s slowly falling into ruin. You’ll meet up with strange characters on your journey east to save the world, using your frying pan and energy blast abilities to clear out any monsters in your path. Each dungeon has its own puzzles, and you’ll want to buy useful items whenever you pass through the quirky villages on your train ride east.

To buy useful items like ingredients for cooking or even permanent upgrades, you’ll need to collect a resource called Salt. Salt is the currency of Eastward, and there’s never enough to go around. If you want to get bomb bag upgrades, improve bomb explosion range, unlock extra inventory slots, and much more, you’ll need to pay through the nose on salt. The best way (that we’ve found) to earn salt is by defeating rare Salt Beetles. These are little bugs you can farm for Salt drops, and these drops are infinite. Here’s the best place (so far) to hunt for endless Salt.

Salt Farming Guide | How To Farm 1000 Salt In 15 Minutes

To start farming for infinite salt, you’ll need to reach Chapter 3: New Dam City. You can do the same at any location you find Salt Beetles, but this one is easy. At this point in the game, it helps to start farming up some extra salt for expensive upgrade purchases.

  • How To Farm 1000+ Salt Fast:
    • Go southwest of New Dam City to the beach area. There’s a Salt Beetle here that always drops 70 salt per defeat — the bug is only two screens away from a reset.
    • From the bug, you can go right, then down to return to the forest and reset the beach.

Use the bulbs to recharge energy for Sam and you can easily hunt this bug. It takes about 15 repeats to collect 1,000 salt. Each cycle takes less than a minute, so that’s less than 15 minutes of farming total to earn this achievement early.

If you find any more Salt Beetles / Bugs in levels, make note of their location. They’re goldmines for fast salt earning! Just remember that they respawn each time you leave and re-enter the map.

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