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Fans are itching to get the next video game by developers FromSoftware. We’ve been watching Elden Ring for several years now, and we’re nearly at the launch date. However, fans are still waiting on more marketing materials to come out to highlight new details about the game. Today, it looks like one fan managed to catch a tiny little detail from the marketing materials already released. It appears that there is one particular marketing that is found on the thigh across several characters.

We are expecting quite a bit of lore in Elden Ring. Between the folks developing the title over at FromSoftware and the help from author Geroge R.R. Martin, we’re bound to have some interesting stories to uncover. One of those stories may explain the strange markings found on the thigh of several characters. All of the markings so far seem to be located on the thigh area. This could be anything from a tattoo on the character, embossed on clothing, or carved into a prosthetic leg.

The Reddit user Nethermoosen shared their findings online, and now fans are speculating just what this could mean. Fans have chimed in that this marking is on an inhuman monster. One theory online is that this could lead to the discovery that all monsters were once man. Now there’s even more hunting going on with the different trailers and concept arts to see what else might have been missed since they were initially unveiled.

More details to these markings could be in the exclusive gameplay footage that select media outlets could sit in on during Gamescom. However, while we know that some journalists have recorded the footage, nothing has made its way out online yet. We’re not sure if FromSoftware will eventually unveil the footage online, either. For now, Elden Ring will be available on January 21, 2022, for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.


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