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Elden Ring is nearing its release in January of 2022. Journalists were recently treated to an exclusive demo. During the recent Gamescom event, select media outlets could view FromSoftware’s Elden Ring gameplay footage. The entire event was about fifteen minutes long, which was plenty of time to gather enough content to unveil some new features.

From this event, the different media outlets highlighted the content they witnessed. We have a breakdown of what was highlighted by a few different media outlets right here. Overall, it looks like there is plenty of player choice this time around. Players can pick different pathways, and the game offers the ability of brute force attack or even taking more of a stealth approach. Unfortunately, that gameplay footage has yet to make its way out into the public.

We know that the media was given access to the footage. But with NDA’s, they couldn’t take screenshots or record the footage. Now we’re finding out that select individuals went ahead and screen recorded the gameplay footage from their computers. This news comes from the YouTube channel Elden Ring News, highlighting two media outlets and their journalists who recorded the footage.

Now the footage hasn’t been showcased online by anyone just yet. We’ve only seen thumbnails of the recorded footage. It is also likely more journalists have recorded the footage and are sitting on the demo. So we haven’t seen any of the footage emerged online just yet, but it could very well be only a matter of time. With that said, we don’t have too much time to wait before we can play Elden Ring for ourselves. Elden Ring will be launching on January 21, 2022, for the PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.


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