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There’s a chance we could see the highly anticipated new game Elden Ring at the Gamescom event later this month. The rumor is that a new trailer will drop at one of the shows — hopefully, gameplay, since From Software games have notoriously dense stories that will be hard to summarize in one trailer, and also because we need to see more of the game if it’s going to be released in less than six months.

The rumor comes from Twitter sage Nibel, who’s accurately pegged other game news before, enough to be generally trustworthy in their information. That said, I do still recommend everyone take this with the appropriate grain of salt. Nibel delivered the news in response to a direct response to a question about whether or not we’d see Elden Ring at the event. Whether Nibel is guessing or knows something we don’t, it sounds like they’re right on the money.

The most likely candidate for a show where Elden Ring will appear is Geoff Keighley’s opening night show. Keighley was the host who debuted Elden Ring with great vigor and enthusiasm during the pre-E3 Summer Game Fest, and I have no doubt From Software would like to capture the same energy for a gameplay reveal. Other than that, the second most likely show for the reveal is the Xbox show later in the event.

Given that it’s not very long until Elden Ring is due to release (January 21, assuming of course, it avoids the 2020/2021 delay curse), it’s likely we’ll be seeing more of the game as From Software’s marketing apparatus kicks in. With less than six months to go, I’ll wager we’ll get an Elden Ring gameplay or story trailer at almost every major show until the end of the year. The game is set to launch on next-gen and current-gen consoles as well as PC.


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