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FromSoftware’s mysterious Elden Ring isn’t even out, and it’s already a hit with the critics. The nominations for the Gamescom Awards are out, and the George R. R. Martin-penned RPG we all were worried might be vaporware for a little while is scooping nominations in several categories. In fact, it leads the other games in the number of nominations. Whether it’s deserving of those awards, we’ll just have to wait and see.

The full list of nominees has been published on TheGamer. Elden Ring has been nominated for Best Microsoft Xbox Game, Best PC Game, Best Sony PlayStation Game, Best Action-Adventure Game, and Best Role-Playing Game. Those last two seem a bit like double-dipping to me, but I realize genres can be a little bit nebulous for some of these titles. Other games with multiple nominations include Far Cry 6, Tales of Arise, and Halo Infinite.

As always, the awards are mostly to recognize games that are highly anticipated by the gaming industry and gamers in general. Given that none of us have played Elden Ring yet (well, as far as I know, anyway), we’ll have to hold off on granting the game awards until after it launches on January 22. But given the quality of the other games that have come from the developer’s I’m not overly worried.

The omnipresence of Elden Ring on the nominee list gives one hope that we might see more of the game at the event. Gamescom is set to begin later this week. The opening night alone will supposedly feature over 30 games. Xbox, Nintendo, and Bandai Namco are all going to have shows, and given that Bandai Namco is the publisher of Elden Ring, that should hopefully mean the game will be a proper cornerstone of the event. The show officially begins on Wednesday.


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