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Elden Ring fans might not have been able to see the footage showcased to media at Gamescom. But we’re getting a ton of new impressions online. A variety of media outlets have been highlighting the latest footage showcased for Elden Ring. The general concession here is that FromSoftware crafted this game with player choice in mind. Therefore, players will go where they want and decide the best route in completing the desired objective.

We knew that FromSoftware was making Elden Ring bigger than their previous works. One of the first big unveilings was that players would have a mount to traverse the land quickly. According to the reports online, Elden Ring’s map is massive and speaking of a map, you’ll get one this time around. According to IGN’s video highlight, a map will be available for players to mark down points of interest.

Fortunately, since the game is so large, it looks like players can fast travel to any previously visited location. Players will have to be in the open fields to fast travel from the reports by Eurogamer. But this should allow players to get around the map rather than backtracking quickly. This is also great news as it looks like there are plenty of exciting locations littered throughout the entire map. Not to mention, it looks like bosses will also be available out in the open world to take on when players are feeling up to the challenge.

Likewise, it’s also reported that players will have the choice of where to go and how they handle the specific situation. This is very much a dangerous game world to explore and travel throughout. Enemies are bountiful, and players could interact with them using different techniques. For starters, there’s going in with brute force as you time your attacks and counters. However, stealth can be used as well.

For instance, it’s said that players can sneak up near an enemy and use sleep arrows to incapacitate a target. This would then allow players to make their way around areas undetected. Of course, we don’t know just how long these sleep arrows will work on a particular enemy quite yet. But to keep going on with the player choice route, there’s also the ability to decide on pathways. From what we’re hearing, some points of interest have different paths, each of which can be pretty challenging.

FromSoftware fans should hopefully be in for a treat when this game releases. Unfortunately, this latest gameplay footage has yet to make its way into the public quite yet. Instead, we have to go by reports from media outlets like IGN and GameInformer to better understand what the game will be like. Still, this game looks to be shaping up to be quite the thrilling experience and one we’ll get to play next year. As it stands, Elden Ring will release on January 21, 2022. When the game does hit the marketplace, players can expect it for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.

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