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Evil Dead: The Game Has Been Delayed To February 2022 – Gameranx


Evil Dead: The Game was first unveiled back in 2020 during The Game Awards. It had quite the fan base excited to jump into the action with fan-favorite Ash Williams. However, while the developers were working on getting this game out within 2021, it’s now been pushed out next year. This might be a bit of a bummer to hear for some fans, but at the very least, the delay will allow the development team to incorporate a new game mode.

Most delays allow the developers time to make a few more bug fixes and polish the game up. However, that’s not all the development team over at Saber Interactive has planned for their upcoming Evil Dead: The Game. Now the title has been pushed to February of 2022. However, this newfound time to spend on the production will add a single-player into the mix. Initially, Evil Dead: The Game was made to be multiplayer-focused. Here a group of players would work with Ash Williams to close up a portal breaching into our world.

While you have a group of players actively looking for specific items to help close the portal, there’s another group actively working against them. The second group of players will have the ability to take the role of demonic creatures and attempt to slaughter Ash Williams’ and his friends. Although, now it looks like the development team has plans to bring in a single-player campaign. This should allow players to jump into the game without ensuring that their friends are available to play or get stuck into a lobby with randoms.

The delay announcement comes straight from the official Evil Dead: The Game Twitter account. Unfortunately, there’s nothing specifically set for the release date on this upcoming game. All that was noted in the tweet is that the game should be available sometime within February of 2022.


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