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When the world was going through tough 2020 quarantines that forced us all indoors and away from visiting friends or family members, there was a real need for entertainment. We’ve started to see films released onto streaming services while video games were going through a rough patch when it came to shipping physical units out. Fortunately, during the height of the pandemic, we had one little indie gem to throw us in for a thrilling time and that’s Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout.

This Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout released giving players a fun distraction. Chances are you’ve already seen this game in action as it blew up in popularity. In this game, players were following a humanoid character through a series of minigame courses with the levels only allowing so many players to reach the end before capping off and moving on to the next minigame stage. Overall this was a bit of a lighthearted battle royale game that didn’t rely on players to gun each other down. 

To keep this game supported, the development team, Mediatonic, opted to bring out more content into the game through different themes and designs. We would have new level challenges as well so there’s a push to keep players jumping back into the game to see just what mini-game would pop up next. Today, we’re finding out what the theme will be when it comes to season 5 of Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Today through the official Fall Guys Twitter account, the developers unveiled that they are making the theme around jungles. You’ll have all new courses to go through and likely plenty of interesting costumes to unlock as well. What do you think of the new upcoming theme for Fall Guys and will it entice you to jump back into the game if you haven’t played recently?

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