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The Fallout franchise has been around for ages. For fans playing this game franchise over the years, you might recall specific wasteland locations. Now one fan has taken to Reddit and showcased a map of all the Fallout locations within the United States. It’s an exciting look at the United States of America map, especially for those not located in the US. You’ll get a better understanding of where things are in comparison to the different video games.

So far, this map looks to be accurate, although there are areas that fans feel need to be adjusted. For instance, one fan pointed out that Nuka World is closer to Boston. But again, this is a fan creation of all the video games from the franchise. You can see where the wastelands in Fallout all the way to Fallout 76 reside. There are different DLC locations as well. There are a good bit of west-to midwest locations, so it would be interesting to see where Fallout 5 will occur.

States like Georgia, Florida, and Louisiana might make for some interesting areas for the next game. Although there hasn’t been a reveal trailer yet for the next mainline Fallout game, so it’s purely just speculating from this map alone. There’s always the chance we may see Fallout 5 not take place within the United States, but again nothing has been unveiled or confirmed at the moment.

For now, fans can continue enjoying Fallout 76, the latest installment to the series. Unlike the mainline games, this is an MMO. Otherwise, there is a mod that has fans excited for Fallout 4. I’m referring to Fallout London, a mod that takes place in London with a new campaign, enemies, items, and quests. At the moment, we’re uncertain just how long it will be before we get Fallout London. Still, you can check out the trailer for this mod in the video embedded below.


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