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Mods are always a fun way to add new life to a game, particularly one that is already several years past its launch date. In this case, a huge Fallout: New Vegas mod is looking good enough to almost be an actual sequel to the game in question. It’s due to launch in full sometime soon, though the creators have not specified a release date or an exact story yet.

The mod is called “Fallout Nuevo Mexico,” and it can be found on NexusMods, where it was uploaded by its creator, VerasTeam2077. To give you an idea of the scale and level of dedication in this thing, they’ve already uploaded trailers for this mod — very well-done trailers, too. According to the creator’s comments on the NexusMods page, the idea came about after visiting New Mexico in real life: “Santa Fe, ABQ, and just the desert was a delight! Then my brother had told me about Project Roswell and the Manhattan Project, and thus arose the idea of a Fallout mod in New Mexico.”

The description reads: “America, 2285. Enter the post-apocalyptic nuclear-radiated wastes of New Mexico and explore its darkest secrets, meet the insanity, edgy, and comedic relief a Classic Fallout world would give you while role-playing as whatever you wish.” Given that description, it’s fitting that this mod is attached to New Vegas, which fits the description of a “Classic Fallout world” more so than either 3 or 4.

Given that the Fallout series is currently taking a backseat to both Starfield and the next Elder Scrolls title, mods are likely to be the only place we’ll see new Fallout content for a while. The trailers promise a game that looks and feels very similar to Obsidian-era Fallout, from the music to the abandoned towns. Given that Obsidian will probably not work on a Fallout game again, it remains to mods like this to fill the gap.


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