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An avid fan has done what Nintendon’t and made a new F-Zero game — with Nintendo’s own software. Someone has recreated the F-Zero experience using Game Builder Garage, and you can play their recreation of the sci-fi racing game now, provided you have Garage. It’s a reminder that almost every game series, no matter how obscure, has people who want it brought back, and are willing to make their own versions when the official creators fall short.

In case you haven’t heard of it, Game Builder Garage is Nintendo’s intro to game design, a kid-friendly course in how to make your own game with simplified instructions. Users can not only build their own games, but they can also share them with others. And if you haven’t heard of the series in question either, the best way I can describe F-Zero is that it’s the home series of Captain Falcon.

There hasn’t been a proper F-Zero game with that name in the title since 2004, with the release of F-Zero Climax. Unless Nintendo is planning to really surprise us soon, then I think the franchise can be considered dead in the water — more’s the pity. But there are F-Zero fans who want the series brought back, and I think we can safely say that the creator of this fan project is one of them.

The creator of the “game” is a Twitter user called ZeldaBoi1, and it’s not their first game made in Garage either, as they’ve also made a version of Mario Kart. They’ve posted the code so that others can play the game as well. Ordinarily, I’d tell everyone to hurry and try it out before Nintendo’s lawyers swoop down on us all, but in this case, I’m not sure whether they’d even want to stop someone making a game using their own software — isn’t that the point of Garage in the first place?

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